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Emergency Lanes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Forgot to mention this yesterday morning.

    Coming home from work and really "feeling" for the poor suckers sitting in gridlocked traffic on the Princess freeway heading into town, I see a rider riding down the RHS emergency lane.

    I thought, ahhh, how cool it is on the bike when you can look to your left and give the traffic a big fat raspberry.

    No soon had I thought that, I spy a huge cloud of dust in the emergency lane.
    Lo and behold, there is Mr unmarked Plod screaming down there to intercept Mr motorcyclist who was in the emergency lane.

    Some coppers have no fcuken idea.

    What is the big deal about using the emergency lanes on our freeways? (aside from all of the debris that you run over)

    A car, sure, I can understand but a bike can move back into the flow of traffic at an almost instant if there is a stopped car in the emergency lane.
    It's not as if you are going to get shitty coz they broke down.

    I just don't comprehend their mentality of not opening up the emergency lanes during peak hour for bikes.

    They seem to think that a 10Tonne bus can do is safely enough along the Eastern fwy.

    Stupid guvmints :mad:
  2. Hope he split back into the one of the middle lanes, and left the flashes high and dry. :grin:
  3. There are some states in the US that allow the use of emergency lanes when traffic is banked up. IIRC, they are only allowed to travel at a certain speed in that lane, though.

    I agree that E-lanes should be available for use by bikes where traffic is moving at no more than half the posted limit ie: 50 in a 100 zone, 40 in an 80 zone. As part of this, bikes should be restricted to no more than, say 60.

    On the topic of bikes using the E-lane, I saw a tosser this morning, on the way to work, ride for about one km in the breakdown lane of a main road. The speed limit for the road is 100, traffic was doing 80. In that one km, he passed 15-20 cars. Using breakdown lanes in situations like that should always remain illegal.
  4. Yep if were legalised and there were some simple rules instigated it would make it safer too.

    It would deter the smartarsess from pulling across on you and encourage more people to ride bikes, as well as reducing congestion and air pollution.
  5. Yeah your right why shouldn't we be able to use emergency lanes?
  6. Is it an emergency lane or a service lane?

    To do the above maneuver the cager has to cross an unbroken line, which make him entirely in the wrong.

    Yeah I know "dead wrong", which is why I made the point it should be legalised with rules.
  7. If the system were changed, cagers would be aware that there may be a motorcycle in that lane.

    Disclaimer: Yeah, I know, "aware" cagers are already taking out bikes in the lanes they currently use. Let's understand, though, that the likelyhood of passing a motorist at the exact point that said blowout etc. occurred would be less than microscopic.
  8. Right. Use the E-lane then a car pulls out in a hurry because of a, you guessed it, emergency, and who's in the wrong when both collide?
  9. The chances of that actually happening are far far less than some knob changing lanes on you now.

    Using the above theory, we shouldn't be riding at all :roll:
  10. Nope, you've read too much into it. If some knob changes lanes into me when I'm in my own lane, there'd be methods of determining who's wrong and who's right. How would you do that with an e-lane which is, technically, an emergency lane?
  11. Well stated Vic. You've encapsulated it in one perfect statement. This is why we need to get the rules for lanesplitting/sharing sorted.....

    I hope that rider popped back into the traffic as soon as he saw the cop coming... But, I fear that he probably got fined anyway.... :(

    When it comes to the cops, it not about safety etc - its all about the law. As I recall "the law is an ass" - as they used to say.....
  12. Read Vic's OP.

    On the Eastern Freeway, buses and taxis are allowed to use the nearside emergency lane from 7am to 10am with a recommended maximum speed of 70kmh. Buses ffs!

    So, if a bus or a taxi are deemed safe to use the E Lane at those time and at those speeds, why is a motorcycle not allowed to do same?
  13. feel for the poor cagers, they already have to deal with us splitting lanes now they have to watch out for us in the emergency lanes,

    It should be illegal to use the emergency lane UNLESS its an emergency...
    the argument that if Buses and Taxis already use it, why not motorcyclist.. if thats the case why not let cars as well? since all the other road users can already use it...

    you know what, fcuk have emergency lanes, just make another lane on the side, if somebody has a flat, or a broken down let the traffic move around them :roll:
  14. I have, and I agree about using 'Express/Bus lanes', but not about using 'Emergency lanes'.
  15. Now look! Don't let common sense get in the way of a good rider whinge.

    You're spot on. The lane is there for a reason. If someone needs to get out of traffic in a hurry, the last thing they will be thinking about is someone travelling down what is essentially a parking lane. And no amount of education will make cagers start expecting riders to be there.
  16. Sorry, what was I thinking :oops:

    Yeah! Let us ride where and when we want! :p
  17. So where is a rider most likely to get skittled by a car?

    a) sitting in traffic
    b) splittling through traffic
    c) using a separate lane

    The emergency lanes are not just for traffic to pull over in an emergency.
    They are also to allow emergency vehicles clear access to emergency sites along the freeway.
    As stated earlier, on the Eastern Freeway, having taxis and buses using it doesn't seem to pose a problem.
    I think motorbikes using them would be even less of a problem. It's a lot easieir to move a broken down motorbike out of the way than it is a bus.

    And at no point are you allowed to just pull into an emergency lane without taking all precautions to ensure it is safe to do so.

  18. +1, when i used to do the m5 everyday i limited myself to 60, if traffic moved faster i moved back into the normal lanes, otherwise i was finding each day i would be getting faster and faster in the e-lane, have to draw the line somewhere.

    I know a guy in hospital at the moment who had that exact thing happen to him. It may not be likely to happen, but i would have thaught there would be a lot more cagers out there that would assume the e-lane is free and not check, then they would for changing lanes normally.

    As for who would be in the wrong, at worst it would be contributing neglagence, but if you play your cards right the car should be put in the wrong. I have every right to be in the e-lane. "my bike lost power on the freeway, i was worried it would stall, so i was riding down the e-lane to get to an emergency stopping bay to pull right off the freeway to check the problem, thats what the lane is there for." Car didn't check over his shaulder, his/her fault.
  19. Yeah and in your dream world the cops are totally stupid and have never had anyone lie to them before. You would be the first! "I was only doing 60 down the emergency lane because I was worried about my bike as it had stalled". Which implies you WERE going a lot faster! Good thinking 99! And you have NO right to be in the e-lane unless you have a genuine emergency. ie. you are lying. But then we know what your track record is like with obeying the law. What was it? 40 something over the limit? Immediate suspension? Yeah, everyone should be taking your advice.
  20. I think this goes back to the distinction between Express Lane (i.e. those bus lanes that open up during specific times) and Emergency lanes (which are the shoulders on all major highways and freeways).

    If you are in the express lane, then that is a semi-lane. I reckon you should be able to use these lanes because, well, as riders we're special ;). If you are in an emergency lane, you should be stopping, not travelling.