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Emergency lane or bike lane.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. It's taken me 20yrs to get my bum back on a bike, but in that time have the rules changed regarding the emergency lane on the Monash carpark. Went into the city afterwork yesterday and came home in the peak hour rush (is that an oxymoron?) Noticed a number of bikes running down the right hand emergency lane, felt tempted to follow em.
    This is still illegal right???

    Also, anybody using a "Fogoff" and are they any good?

  2. Yes, very much so!

    Unless you have a breakdown of some sort (yourself or your vehicle) then you can be fined even if you only use it for a few metres.

    There is no legal excuse for actually travelling in the emergency lane.

    Unless you have an ESV vehicle (under EVS status) or a demonstrated medical emergency (take note Smee, even a protest cannot block an emergency lane)
  3. it is illegal, but semi tolerated on the monash carpark but i have seen guys getting booked for doing it, just after xmas i got pulled up and was asked if i knew what i was doing was illegal ? naturally i played dumb and was just givin a warning.

    these days i just lanesplit all the way , yeah alittle more dangerous / fun :p but way less likely to get pulled up for it
  4. Look here for info on Foggoff critique. I never use the emergency lane except for an emergency....you're just as likely to have to use it as an emergency lane for all the rubbish/blown tyres, etc!!

    :D :D :D
  5. i wouldn't trade lane splitting for that :? goddamn, lanesplitting is the only fun you can have in the metro area! not many ppls get done for splitting (never seen it and dont know anyone that has), but i see all sorts getting booked for driving/riding in the emergency/bicycle lanes....
  6. On a slightly related topic:

    This morning riding to work through the tunnel the left lane was shut down due to a broken down truck. The had the signs indicating that the lane was closed. A guy on an old CBR1000 didn't seem to care much and continued to use the lane. Is that actually illegal? Can Citylink use the footage from the cameras to give the cops something to book him with? Also, if they film you lane splitting in the tunnel can they get you for that too?
  7. I haven't received a fine for lanesplitting in the tunnel. Or for speeding while lanesplitting the time I had some w#$ker chase me from Bolte Bridge through the tunnel for some unknown reason (like he was giving me the shits driving at 80kph in the right hand lane of the Tulla. Some dumb young tosser trying to hassle me.....gives me the sh!ts). OK....rant off!

    :D :D :D
  8. Definately cannot use the emerg lane to ride or drive in. It's only for emergency vehicles to use, broken down vehicles, or maybe if you were travelling slowly with a flat or something. I have no doubt the cops would ping you if they see it happening.

    Deyago, I can't imagine that using a closed lane in the Citylink tunnels is an offence. While it might be "official" in terms of warning signs and a red X, I'd say it would only be for safety to ensure no one uses the lanes. Although that said, I suppose if you used similiar closed lanes such as on Johnston Street (where there is red X's and white circles or green ticks above the lane), you'd be doing something illegal - but that's a bit different because you've got oncoming traffic coming! My thoughts on the matter anyway.
  9. As i said, illegal to use the emergency lane to travel on, some cops will ping you for it others will look the other way, i had a m/cycle cop once follow me all the way down the emergency lane on Frankston freeway to the end. when we stopped at the lights he said, and i quote " you do know that was not the thing to do " i said "yep" he answered with 'ok as long as you know, keep it upright" he then waved as i went straight and he turned off to the right.

    There is a big "GREY" world out there, those of us that live in that grey world, do know right from wrong but like to push the boundrys every now and then............ sometimes we pay the penatly for it other times, its WOO HOO i cant belive i got away with that :twisted:

    But when we do go down, we admit it and move on and say "shite happens"

    Hmm rant over, move along nothing more to see here

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. as some of the others have said, I find the emergency lanes are way too full of crap to be safe