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Emergency braking?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Grimjaur, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Im going for my practical driving assesment in one week, hopefully i can get there becuase my teacher cant fit me in.

    But the problem is my emergency braking. Im trying to stop withing 12 meters doing 45-50kmh. Every time i do it i either lock up the back wheel and make the distance or i dont lock it up and dont make it by 2-3metres.

    Just fishing for some advice here as i need to get this dowm and right!!
  2. What's the bike?

    The general advice is to grab a lot more front brake - even get off the back after you start braking to avoid locking it. The front will dive, but it's the front brake that does the business in getting you stopped in a hurry.
  3. HI mate,

    I'm going to state the bleeding obvious here, but obviously your stomping on the rear pedal too hard. Try going for more front and less rear. The proportion between front and rear can be as high as 90% - 10% but i guess you would aim for something like 80% - 20%.
  4. Edit: but like a trigger, squeeze don't yank...
  5. Have you thought of practising at a slower speed ?

    It may help you in re-associationg with the
    squeeze & applying of your brakes whilst dropping the "lock" habit, then later increase your speed.

    Just a thought .....
  6. Remeber to take up the slack in the levers (if there isn't any, there should be...) and THEN squeeze progressively.
  7. Hey Grimjaur,

    Just a thought, the weather has been pretty average for a while now. There is a good chance your test will be in wet conditions. Don't let that bother you mate. Its easy to get a little scared when your test is in the rain. But really all you need to do is wind everything back a bit. Just do everything that little slower and more gently - ESPECIALLY braking. The assessor will take the wet roads into account when doing your emergency stops.

    But yeah just keep practicing mate. Do as nixon said, practice at say 30km/hr until your more comfortable in using less rear brake then get up to 50km/hr.
  8. In a real emergency braking situation you wouldnt be taking of the slack before hand, you would be slamming it on trying to keep things under control.

    The bike is yamaha Dt175, the trailie.
  9. Ok fine, do it your way then - all the best.
  10. just keep practicing mate. What seems weird/difficult/impossible at first becomes second nature after a while. And dont get upset if you stuff it up all day because you inevitably find that the next day you'll go out and nail it.
  11. Honestly mate...In a real emergency you want to be doing it just as Ezyryder says. You WILL stop quicker and you will probably stop rubber side up with 5-10m to spare! The progressive squeeze can still be quick but just controlled so you don't lock up the tyres.
  12. What's wrong with locking up the wheel, as long as you stop in time. When I did my P test they encouraged it. If it's an emergency, stopping the quickest is what matters, don't even bother with the clutch if you don't want to we were told.
  13. And in that situation the front would lock and the bike would go down.

    Apply brake gradually, this is not a car and will not forgive you of lazy braking.

    As you apply the brake the front gets more weight on it and presses harder into the ground, which increases grip so you can brake harder, depends on the tyres but for most sportsbikes they will flip over the front long before grip is broken provided you ease the brake on. (dont be afraid to use the front because of flip though).
    Because the rear wants to leave the ground it provides very little grip and you may have to ease off it to prevent lockup. Use the rear always for practice so its natural, in an emergency that 10% counts, but the front is more than capable of pulling the bike up on its own.

    If you just mash it in the tyres grip will break because you dont have much weight on the tyre. But pull it in gradually and you can keep pulling in very hard as the grip increases.

    Practice from just 15kph as you get the feel, just very light pressure on the rear, concentrate on that front.
  14. look it up mate, as soon as your wheel breaks traction with the road surface you are deemed to have lost control of that wheel. locking a wheel up is clearly breaking traction, and not something that should be encouraged. :?
  15. Not enough front brake, for sure. Squeeze it a bit more... remember to let go if it slips. :p
  16. Lock it up, would be interesting if the test is held in the wet. Braking is like every aspect of riding, it needs to be practised and used in order for it to be effective.
  17. agree, you will be pleasantly suprised how much front you can actually use before the front wheel slips on a dry road. wet or gravel = different.
    as body-weight shifts forward, contact patch gets bigger coefficient of friction increases blah blah blah.

    more front less a little less back, squeeze them on....... as speed reduces increase back break and ease off front so as not to have too much front as the weight/load is lifted from your forks.

    happy practicing
  18. All these comments are great to learn from,

    Try applying the rear brake after the front has load from the front brake, less likely to lock up the rear.

    Also if you really want to test yourself, try dirt, or grass, if you can stop quickly on this, pavement will be a peice a cake (but helpful in case you have some loose gravel on the pavement)

    Even in an emergency, if you lock up a wheel (particually front) you are going to ease off to gain traction and then re-apply

    Progressively increase the force when stopping (don't slam on)
    Keep practicing too, even after you get you P's because you need to teach your brain not to slam the brakes on in an emergency.

    Hope this helps you
  19. Wrong your concentration needs to stay on the front please see below

    Also make sure you feel 100% for the test otherwise rebook it better than having to wait again after a fail
    no lock ups during the test no no..
    DPI will give you 2 shots at it
    learn to put on the back lightly without thinking
    set it forget it
    while simultaneously giving all 100% of thought to the front brake
    set and squeeze that front it will do the work
    practice and it will come also try and have warm tires when you it

    During true real danger emergency stops even if back wheel locks do not allow this to steal your concentration from adjusting the front brake

    I would be glad for you to practice on my VTR 250 it might help!
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  20. Thanks for all the help. I guess its just because im scared to really pull in the front brke because i think im going to go over the front. Looks like alot of practicing in the night all this week. Just hope i can get to the prac test becuase my instructor couldnt fit me in :? time to start another thread........