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Emerald (Q) to Miles (Q), return...hmmm

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Oh well here is my first foray into a ride report. I decided to visit my parents at their farm in Miles Q which is about 550km from Emerald. So I packed up the GS500 '03 model (with wind screen, thank goodness) and set off trying to miss the unusual storms in this part of the world. I ride the GS every day to work and to the Fire Station for emergencies etc.

    I got rained on about 20km outside Emerald on my way south towards Springsure. Nothing too much just a bit wet on the legs. This soon dried out and Springsure (70km) was gained without further incident. I rechecked the straps (rope) on my bags as I don't have a rack (note to self buy rack) and had been worrying about them for the last 70km. After a stretch and a walk then off to the east lies Rolleston about another 70km.

    Got rained on again but wasn't much and the bike seems to ride fine although my butt goes numb and so do my hands. Fill up in Rolleston 4.5 lts and laugh at the bloke in the v8 ute who is also filling up :p . Then its off the the south for 170km to Injune.

    The trip through the "nothing" is pretty boring, no twisties a couple of hills and no towns/petrol stations or pretty much anything for 170km. I love the "Warning no (petrol bowser picture) for 170km" The highlights for this section is passing the Canarvon Gorge turnoff and passing through a wooded gorge type place with a little picnic spot. I stop here for smoko (about 60km south of Rolleston?) and watch the stream at the bottom of the hill flowing rapidly swollen by the recent storms. Back on the bike and off towards Injune. A few more showers do little more then annoy me and then I'm at Injune.

    A walk around and then it starts to really rain. Oh no I'm watching the bike get pelted and thinking this is not good. Rain eases slightly and I decide to make a dash for it. I looks good as the rain stops and I continue south towards Roma (90 odd km away). I can now see a very big very dark slightly green storm approaching from the west. I decide I can probably beat it to Roma.

    20km out from Injune and the wind starts to really blow and I mean rip branches off trees and blow them accross the road type wind. I've got the bike leaned over a long way and the screen is vibrating like it dosen't like me any more and wants to go it alone. Then after about 10km of this mugs game the rain comes. It dosen't come on gradually it just starts bucketing down. I'm fully wet in seconds and the Dri-Mesh jacket liner dosen't do all that well as my boots begin to fill up with water. So now I've got the wind (still very strong) and the rain like a monsoon now I've got lightning like you wouldn't belive flashing down at me. It's as dark as a summers night and I'm down to 40km/h as I struggle to see the road. Now the visor starts to fog and I'm happy it lasted that long but as soon as I open it the rain pelts my face like a swarm of pissed off bees. I decide to open the visor a little and try to shelter behind the screen. This works until the rain gets even heavier (I did not beleive it could at the time) and my speed is reduced to 20km/h. I'm starting to worry about being a bull bar ornament on a Road Train so I decide to pull off the road. Now nowhere looks good for this so I take my chances and pull off at walking pace. The bike sinks about 4" and a twist on the trottle tells me what I already suspect, I'm now bogged.

    I get off the bike and don't need the stand so I do the standing, in the rain that is with the visor down to protect my face. I can see a glow coming towards me and I put the ignition on and flick the brake lights so I won't get run over by a Semi who can't see the road either. The rain eases after about 30 minutes and the wind dies. I know it's the eye so I reckon it's a good time to try to get the bike out of the mud. I really didn't reckon how hard it would be to push a bogged bike back onto the road. Another lesson learnt and we are back on the road again. The wind starts up from the opposite direction and I know the storm is passing. By hiding behind the screen and leaving the visor up I'm able to move at a fair clip and fianally reach Roma.

    Lunch at Mc D's in Roma is spent by draining my boots and wringing out my socks and shivering. Back on the bike and I head East towards Miles 140km away.

    Nothing much happend during that leg except that I nearly froze to death and I had trouble keeping my speed down. When I got to Miles I turned a corner on the main street and the dickheads from the council had left the corner covered in that black road surface gravel. I nearly binned it there and considering what I had been through without stuffing it then I think I would have been a little pissed off.

    RETURN TRIP... 3 days later
    Same directions / distances as above except reversed. No problems except a bloody head wind most of the way. Couple of delays while I waited for storms to pass (see I have learned) but other than the wind it was a reasonable trip. The GS never missed a beat the whole way but at higher speeds it has reduced fuel ecco :shock: . Great bike but now I want something with a bit more poke and something a bit more comfy for the long trips.

    Hope you all had fun reading of my (mis-adventure).

    Stay safe and have fun.

  2. It was great, thanks for sharing. Excellent read. Bogged, rain, almost run over by a semi ... you had it all ;)
  3. Yep, and now one of the guys from the station wants to go for a ride out to Alfa "just cause we can". I'll have to tell him that 170ks is easy now!

  4. That was a great read man, you should do more 'big trip's!! Over half a thousand k's in one trip is outstanding! I barely did 50kms as a pillion on my mates 250gpx and I was exhausted!
    Your report really makes me want to get a GS500F NOW :D:D:D:D:D
  5. Yep good write up. You crazy b*stard!

    What will you do different gear wise next time if the same weather conditions present?
  6. Rob, thinking back I'd just give the visor a bit more of the old rain-ex and get some waterproof boots and over pants, waterproof gloves. Learn to listen to the little voice in my head that says "Doooonnn''ttt Doooo Ttttthhhhhhaaaaatttt" (spooky voice). 550km each way was just fun. The only real problem I had was storage and excessive fuel consumption (could have been caused by something hmmm :wink: ) oh and getting wet and nearly freezing to death. Some decent earplugs would be good too not those disposable ones.
  7. Rob, your ZX9 would have been just the ticket (before it got tired and needed a nap).
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