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Embarssing ones self in a car park

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sonicbaz, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. I thought going to the motorshow on my GPX would be fun and for the most part it was. Riding into the city on one of my first non commuting trips was great and I felt pretty cool.

    Ariving at the convention centre I decided to pay for parking. I pulled into the carpark and road up to the gate pressing the button for the ticket. Nothing happened...no boom gate flashing lights or error message.

    Cars are starting to bank up behind me. Press the intercom button. Nothing..... I turn around and shrug to the 20 or so cars behind me making it very clear I know how to push a large green button with large exaggerated movements. Then a little voice in my head said you're on a bike better look like you're pressing that button as hard as you can. I just hope this was not on video. :shock: :oops:

    Anyways eventually the girl from the carpark came down and suggested I try and roll back a bit, after that didn't work she asked me to try and squeeze my bike through a stupid little gap, after I looked like a complete fool trying to limbo my bike under the barrier, I had moved forward enough for the car behind to trigger the ticket.

    Found a space finally acidently let the clutch out as I pulled up and stalled with that forest gumpish uncontrolled lurch / trying to look like you ment to do it body language .

    Riding a bike can be the most ego levelling experience.
  2. can't really relate to that story as we don't pay for parking in melbourne :demon: :wink:
  3. Dude that is soooo lamo :LOL: Don't worry we have all done it just not brave enough to admit it

    OH except me I have never done anything like this :roll:

    Well there was this one time, pulled up out the front of work for the first time [CBD office 8.55am], thought pretty cool can park on the footpath.

    Dropped into first riding down the footpath to a good spot pulled up next to a CBR600RR & rider as he was getting of the bike, nod the head [see part of the gang now] brake, shit still in gear lurched forward nearly dropped the bloody thing :oops:
  4. It's a quaint concept really, isn't it?

    :LOL: :cool:
  5. hehe ive done that before and infrount of people who were looking at me lol :LOL: :LOL:
    just take it on the chin and just move on
    :grin: :grin:
  6. One of the main advantages of full-face helmets with tinted visors...
  7. Haha, less than 2 hours after picking up my bike, went to coffee club on Milton Road to show off my new bike to all my bike friends. Stopped by the side of the road, tried to get off the bike to push it into a spot, and dropped it. Made sure I twisted the throttle to redline and beyond as the bike went down, just to get the attention of anyone who wasn't already looking in my direction... VRRRRRRMRMMMMMMCRAAASHBOOOOMBANG it went. Luckily none of the other bikes fell over... :p
  8. oh man thats bad
    i would of picked it up and rode home and never go to that place again lol
    :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Haha, I was stuck under the bike, so someone else had to pick it up for me too (thank you so very berry much tanya :p)

    Funnily enough I'm going there for the 2nd time ever on my bike tonight :) I wonder if I'll drop it again! I hope not...
  10. Hey Sonicbaz,

    Done similar, just did wish to be first to admit it. The other day had to go to the Wesley Hospital, similar story was pressing the big green button to get a ticket to for the pay parking and yep did similar thing pressed it half a dozen time at different levels of intensity , tried rolling back than forward - no go it would not bloody work. Lucky for me there was a gap on the far left of boom gate to get around and park. Exiting went via the same gap.
  11. Bit like hitting false neutrals or forgetting to engage first and leting the clutch out :roll:
  12. thats most scaryist part at the course , i was scared i was gonna drop the bike and hold onto the trottle
  13. This may not be the same situation, but it may apply.
    Someone once told me that the traffic lights at intersections, particularly those that allow entry from a secondary road onto a main road, are triggered by an electronic device under the tarmac. Sometimes you can see a metal rectangle on the ground at some intersections. They had suggested that they were magnetic in nature and may be calibrated to be triggered by a cage whereas a motorcycle may not possess enough metal to trigger them off.
    Just a thought.
  14. Vehicle loops under the tarmac work on weight, not magnetism. Not enough weight in a bike to trigger them.

    Was sitting at a set of lights waiting to turn right once at 3 in the morning. Was getting sick of waiting for the green arrow so put it in first and was about to go through a deserted red when I spotted a cop car coming up the road behind me. As he drove past he got on his PA and told me to go as it wasn't going to change. :cool:
  15. Actually, *science teacher voice* they are inductance loops and the presence of a large body of metal will change the magnetic field around the loop and the signal box will register that someone is waiting for the lights. Depending on how that particular intersection is calibrated will affect whether your bike will trigger the sequence (ie: if it is large enough). In Melbourne at least, AFAIK timers help traffic to flow in/out of the city during peak times, and the loops come into play when the traffic is lighter.
  16. BS.

    Wikipedia : Traffic Lights

    They work the same way as any piece of metal passing over/through a coil. Induction.
  17. The issue is that sensor type lights, have an issue with detecting some motorcycles. A few weeks back went to turn right out of Oriel Rd into Sandgate Rd, Clayfield Brisbane and can tell you I was definately stuck there with a red light. Even though one side of traffic was held to allow right hand from Sandgate to Oriel, after that green light did not come my way, both green lights in either direction for the road i was trying to cross. This happened 3 bloody times.
  18. Exactly :grin: i was CBF'd looking up the hard facts ;)

    Oh yeah just remembered that if the front sensor didnt register me, I would sometimes roll back to the "second in line" sensor and that would work. I admit though that there have been more than a few times early in the morning (especially in the CBD) that I'd have to hop off and press the pedestrian button!
  19. I know of a few right turn lanes that definately won't detect the presence of a bike (at least not mine). Too lazy to use the pedestrian crossing or roll around so I usually just run the red when it's clear (what's the point of arrows when traffic flow's down to only a couple of cars a minute).
  20. That is usually due to the loop sensor not being quite as good or sensitive. As bikes have ALOT less steel than a car you aren't able to register at the traffic light.

    You CAN fix this by installing a device which someone amplies a signal to help set the sensor off. I'm not exactly sure what it's called or exactly how it works but it is designed for bikes because of this happening!!