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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AusRN, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Hey all. First post here, have decided to finally get back into the bike scene after being out of it for a few years and am seriously kicking myself for never getting my licence when I was younger, and now going to have to start from scratch.

    Have owned a few bikes over the years, nothing flash though except a ZX6R which told me I wasn't keen on going fast, who'd have thought. Have been toying with the idea for a while, but while my fiance and I live in a small two bedroom unit we just don't have the space for a nice big cruiser, and I'd hate to buy a learner legal cruiser.

    Instead I've managed to convince my partner (who also wants to learn to ride), to let me buy a Postie. I hear you laughing. But it will serve as an around the town bike, to get me back into riding and also something small and easy if the missus wants to have a go too. The upside is when I'm done with it I can whack some different tyres on it and use it on the property so it's not wasted.

    But thought I'd say g'day, am on the lookout as of now for a good postie, so will let you all know what I get when I get it :)
  2. Go the Postie!
    Welcome, AusRN - are you a Registered Nurse?
  3. No mate.. I knew that would come up and meant to put a disclaimer as a sig but forgot, the RN stands for redneck :p

    I reckon the postie is going to be good to start off with, and hopefully build the fiance into liking biking herself, so when I'm licenced and splurge out.. she wont resist as much and will hopefully want her own bike.
  4. Welcome to NR, RN, good to have you along.
  5. Thanks mate, has been a few years so it will be good to ride again, even on a postie!
  6. wlecome to NR..

  7. welcome aboard.
  8. Welcome to Netrider :)

    There's a few postie-bike riders here, and quite a few people with a lot of expertise therewith!!
  9. Welcome, not what you ride that counts, just enjoying it!!
  10. I assume that you rode unlicensed previously? If not, but had an old style license before car and motorcycle licenses were combined, and let just your motorcycle license expire, you may not have to go through the whole process from scatch.

    I rode as a young lad and only had my full license for a short time before I let it lapse, due to being a poor student, and the motorcycle license was separate from my car license, so additional cost.

    Anyway, roll forward to 2006, all I had to do to get my full license back was pass the license test again. HART required me to do a one day learners course, and the one day license course before testing me, but that was not trouble and pretty cheap.

    Anyway, this was in Vic and you are in NSW, and time has passed so it may be different. If you never got your full bike license at all then you probably do need to start from scratch, but make sure you ask the question, and ask it of the right people. I know Vicroads and HART were unsure until I found a reference on their web site and asked more than once.

    PS: Posties are fine. I learnt on a 50cc Honda stepthrough and a 90cc Honda AG bike. All off road, but both got thrashed and were fun. Of course, I weighed less than 50 Kg back then....