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Embarrassing riding moments

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bugjuice88, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Something someone said the other day reminded me of an embarrassing moment on my old too fiddy.

    As I rode everywhere I went through the city I used to use a disc lock alarm and chuck it under the seat when I was riding. One day riding with some friends down the main drag of kiama we turned into a side street to turn around. It was then when the engine dropped to an idle I heard the alarm going under seat. Heres me thinking all the people in the street and at the cafes are checking out these cool bikers and my cool CBR250RR. Meanwhile they hear old mates CBR600's staintune and my mates zzr250 and my 250 and a siren!!! 8-[: oops:

    You can imagine my speedy park/insanely fast glove off/key retrieval/siren ending manouver. :rofl: Sheepishly walk into coffee shop with everyone watching. Funny as hell!

    Anyone else got any funny/embarrassing stories?
  2. I was pretty embarassed when - the day I picked up my bike having just purchased it - I dropped it in the driveway.
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  4. ohhhhhhh no. haha thats the worst thing ever
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  5. Dropped the bike at the fuel station in peak hour traffic after getting it back and not being able to ride for 3 weeks...
  6. Yesterday flipped my visor down coming out of a driveway with my right hand, managed to hit the kill switch with 5 cars behind me! Silly mistake
  7. The first day I had my bike. Parked at the shops. Got off the bike and started walking off. D!ckhead me forgot to put the stand down. Grabbed it and slowly laid it down with a nice audience watching.
  8. Another one was fill the tank up with juice. Go into pay... I dont have my card. I dont have any cash... I was literally 2 minutes from home. The guy wouldnt let me go home and get the money. So i had to call the mrs to come down and bail me out.

    Stacking in the dealer driveway. That sucks. Or at a servo. Hitting the kill switch in an awkward spot not good either. Not so bad if there is no one around to see it.

    I was doing the coolest wheelie ever on my dirt bike then nearly cacking my dactus as I went slightly too far. Luckily I got back down unscathed.
  9. Didn't do the oil cap up tight enough. It undid mid-ride and covered my right leg in oil (I discovered the missing oil cap when I wondered why my leg was getting hot).

    It still had up to the bottom of the sight glass in oil so I tore the arm off my t-shirt, stuffed it in the hole and rode home. Car full of teenage girls pointed out (at traffic lights) "Hey there's something dripping from your bike" to which I made random agreeing noises and rode off with smoke pouring from the hot exhaust where the oil had sprayed.

    Bonus: The right riding boot is now very waterproof.
    Double bonus: OEM oil cap for VTR-250 is only $12.50
  10. I rode down 75% of Mount Wellington (near Hobart, TAS) with my Tiger 1050's engine off, immobiliser on and its alarm sounding quite distressed, because the radio interference from being so close to the transmitter on top of Mt. Wellington overpowered the keyring remote and meant I couldn't disarm the immobiliser. Quite a few people watched/stared as I wheeled my bike through the carpark (with alarm blaring away) until I had reached the crest of the hill, hopped onto the Tiger and began my gravity-powered descent. Noisiest, heaviest downhill mountainbike ever. Good times. XD

    Mind you, rs101 should be extra embarressed that I overtook his CBR1000RR on the way down while all this was happening - and he had an engine which was running! ;)
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  11. :rofl: Hilarious!

    Woulda been interesting to be in the carpark!
  12. Not the same, but still funny:

  13. No one called the po-po? This is making me wonder if I should even bother with getting the alarm version of the disc lock! :-s