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Embarrassing is....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by charlesflies, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. ...turning up to your first netrider coffee evening, and announcing your arrival by dropping your bike in the middle of a crowded Rundle Street in front of the assembled multitude :oops: :oops: :oops: :roll: (U-turn, car reverses out, grab front brake)

    I had to post first!


  2. I rmbr the first time i dropped the bike, more like fell over.
    I put my R foot down in some gravel (public enemy number one) & just kept on sliding! Next thing I know I'm on the ground, got up so pissed at myself, did a quick (did anyone see that) head chk & then picked up my bike with such frustration I almost flipped it!
    It happens to the best & worst of us, just makes it bloody hard when your in the eye of the public. I'm sure those who witnessed it wont hold it against you :LOL:
  3. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
    awwwwwwwww :(

    shit happens, chin up ;)
  4. is...

    when you lane split for the first time then stall on the green light :)
  5. Awwww dude that sux :eek: Hey it could be worse.. you could be trying to start it when leaving the coffee night with the fuel tap off.. :LOL:

    Ive droped my bike once. At home in my garage where nobody saw! but it was more like leaning it over :p
  6. Personally I think it'd be almost as embarrassing if you had to PUSH your bike the last kilometre in to Adelaide coffee...

    Eh Sketchie?

  7. Lane splitting at slow speed & losing balance. Fell onto 4WD with outer right arm/shoulder on f/passenger window/door which kept me up while still going forward. My arm then hit the side mirror. Couldn't push myself off quick enough & pissing off straight to the front.

    BTW Loz, good photos you got of JohnnyO as well.

  8. You're doing OK so far, Charles. You posted your confession at 11:07 last night, it's now 8:11am and no-one from Adelaide has posted pictures, yet :LOL:

    Yep, there's nothing more embarrassing than dropping your bike in view of your peers.....
  9. Yep.
    Here are two scenarios...
    1) Drop your bike in front of a whole bunch of people who have been there done that and can sympathise.
    2) drop you bike in front of a whole bunch of hot chicks that you want to impress and know nothing about riding.

    You got out light mate... And you wont mind having your board handle changed to ChuckDropalot will you? :LOL:
  10. Mine was rolling off the centre stand staight onto it's side in front of my son on the second night i had it. I like to think of it as a "right of passage" at least then i don't feel as bad.
  11. ChuckDropalot ?

    As long as chuck does the dropping, and its not Dropchuckalot? Or is that just later in the evening? :grin:
  12. Last time I was at the Brewery, a group of us rode to Ryde Maccas.


    At speed, hanging off the bike. Urban Rossi's; the lot of us.
    With eye's bright, adrenalin pumping and engines hot we all pull up in the car park!

    ... and I drop my bike :(
    It was hell slow too, not even moving. Like EXACTLY enough time for everyone to notice something was going wrong and give my [retardedness/bike] their full attention :?

    But then we got cheeseburgers and all was forgotten.

    ...OK, not strictly true - I still cop shit about it :p

    Ahh good times, good times.
  13. Yep...that was good....

    I'll let he/she come forward and tell the story themselves....but the jist is dureing the Scrambles post-crash clean up Rider comes barrelling around corner, stops amongst us, and promptly falls over. Gold.

    My most recent story is after the Syd Moto Expo...Haggismaen and I were mounting up right next to the now full Brewery: all tinted visors, leathers and loud exhausts, making sure to give the throttles some hefty tweaks to really annoy the non-riding patrons who were looking on in disgust.

    When we were both ready I went to take off; a few more blats, clutch in and a quick stomp into first...at which point the bike died. I thought I had kicked the side stand up, unfortunatly I hadn't.

    Die ego, die!
  14. in my short time of riding my worst moment so far is trying to look cool taking off from work only to find out the front wheel lock was still in place... i came to a stop rather quickly.
  15. Gold! I have done similar, in front of the assembled throng at the Austral in Rundle St (Adelaide) - forgot to take the disc lock off. Ego well and truley slaughtered!
  16. My only drop so far was when I had to stop for a quick 'pit stop'. Rode the bike into the tabledrain outside of Maleny QLD. Leant to the left and put my foot down. Problem was, had too much lean angle because of where I stopped in the drain. The bike and I had a fight, with me eventually giving in, and the bike and I ended up lying in long, soft grass.

    All was good, no injury to me, the bike or my pride. Got it up again before anyone saw me :)

    Someone out there says that "everyone drops a bike at least once". I thought I might have had a chance at being an exception to that statement, until that day :(
  17. Another one is the first time I met Ferret, I lane split up to him and began yarning on about lane splitting, speeding, where he was going, "thats a nice bike", etc etc. Then I stalled.

    I thought I would never meet him again...until low and behold! He be a Netrider!!
  18. :rofl: +1