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Embarrasing moment

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by listek, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. The other day when it was raining quite heavily and I came up to a set of lights leaving Fyshwick in the morning rush hour. In the left lane was a single oil truck and in the right lane was a line of about 10 cars. Now I never split but on this occasion I was feeling a bit cheeky so I thought I would for a change, so I moved up behind then snuck into a little gap to the left of the truck and waited for the lights to change. I was waiting for a bit so left the bike out of gear. I must have had a bit of a dream as well and before I knew it the lights went green, so I popped it into gear but mindful of the fact that it was pissing down I was very careful of the throttle with the truck just creeping forward next to me - and stalled the bloody thing!

    So I had to sit there for first the slow moving truck, and then about 30 cars to stream past me also. I was glad I had my helmet to hide my very redly glowing features from view. :oops:
  2. Hummn, lesson learnt eh?

    If you're going to pop up to the front be ready, I always watch the lights to see what direction its going so i know when its my turn next (some lights are the reverse of others) and have my bike at revs a second before the lights change just so the cars can never say a bike held them up.
  3. You should see if you can get to the otherside of the intersection before the cars move past the white line. then see if you can do it while doing a wheelie.
  4. haha ive stalled once while splittin.....forgot and left it in 3rd
  5. Try doing it on a 'hard-to-start' 30 year old kick-start-only bike!
  6. lol
  7. I had an embarassing moment on Sunday... came up to the lights (sloping down), stopped, put my feet down. It was wet and my right foot slipped and flew out. Luckily I regained my balance before the bike started to lean much. There was much avoiding eye contact.
  8. Been there on a 3 year old Honda Postie. :oops:

    I generally sit in gear at the lights holding the clutch ready to go, unless its just gone Red in which case I click back to neutral and keep an eye on the direction the cars are going like Zealt said.
  9. In the wet - so it'd be how close to 90 degrees you could get the bike after the back wheel stepped out when it hit the thick white line :p
  10. Cheeses guys...rule#1...if you're going to go to the front, then be ready, and be gone. After you've made sure the cross traffic has stopped. Of course.

  11. been there done that but mine was about 50 years old.
    not fun
  12. Done that before. Ran out of fuel. My mistake.

    Just pushed it up on to the footpath and let everyone go while the reserve primed.

    C'est la vie.
  13. Did you split between the truck & the cars or go on the left of the truck? Did the truck even know that you were on his left? I would have thought that in poor weather conditions, stalling on the left of the truck it could have been a lot worse than waiting for it to move off if he possibly couldn't see you or even know you were there,

  14. John beat me to it but just reiterating..............
    make sure you do your visuals just in case that a*sehole coming from your left isnt running late and tries to run/beat the lights... :?

  15. Please don't sit at the lights in neutral. If some idiot comes up behind you, and it looks like you might be hit, at least you can move in a hurry.

  16. There's a clue in this thread! :wink:
  17. Hopefully lesson learnt - if ur going to barge in front (yes, i split like a man posessed) make sure ur ready 2 rock n roll when the green light comes, or u will piss off other road users. Ur riding should not effect anyone elses, and if it does ur asking for trouble. As the saying goes, "take-over everything, leave only rubber marks".
  18. ..and that's all fine and dandy ...until you come across silly pr*ck in a sports car (yes..it was red!!) who needs to prove something!! :roll:
  19. ...yep, thats right. I commute on a 100cc 2 stroke scoot (faster than ur average 4cyl "lol") and everyone tries to have a race. It's like they really, really resent a little buzz box toy bike getting in front of them. RT (reaction time) is the only thing I have on my side, but if i can, i usaully get behind the 1st car, before overtaking them a few seconds later to be safe. It is important to assert yourself as a part of the traffic, let people know your there. People look and laugh at me at the lights, as I probably seem nice and "cute" on my little toy bike.


    When I ride my Yamaha MT-01 1670cc, feul sucking, octance (and hopefully Nitrous equipped) sucking, tyre shredding, feul injected, flame spitting torque factory, no-body want's to come and play at the lights. My RT is excellent, and I know how to safely launch into an intersection (completely different to the crazy tyre spinning/lifting launches at the strip). Only a few bikes and not very many cars can take the MT, and most people wont even look you in the face, which is sometimes a shame.
    I do however, little things like overtaking at speed or lane splitting with my clutch in, no revs, as the sounds that is erupting from the big twin through almost straight thru pipes would scare the s*&t outta me if i heard it go past. So I have to be nice to road users.

    It is interesting to note how drivers will treat you depending if your vehicle is superior to theirs. Many a time have I let a revving P plater in his sick canairy yellow VL (rolling with mags up front, stockies in the rear) blow me off at the lights, and I just let em go before casually lane splitting past 2k's down the road, however i wouldnt hold my clutch in for that one... Maybe if i get a Nitrous purge system (that blows nirous or CO2 out the side of ur motor for cool looks) i can just give that a squirt before shooting a wink at the driver, then if he decides he wants to drag, then I'll let him go, and that way to myself, I am a winner. Not that that matters.
  20. *LOL*......it's living to fight another day which matters!! :wink:

    and yes!!.... the yammy 1900 (with cobra's) certainly made a nice noise too!!