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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Maximus, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. was going home today. lots of traffic. i'm filtering as always.... too small of a gap and there you go-our mirrors say hi to each other.... no knock, a slight feel rather, a gentle touch.... still embarassing. if i was a macintosh product i'd probably be called iSuck.

  2. That happened to me last week. I just stopped wave sorry to the guy and kept going.

  3. very crappy feeling... the rest of the way home i was paranoid about not judging the space right...
  4. Hahaha glad it wasn't me! i normal hit mirrors with a bit of speed behind me and then go OH fcuk. What you should do next time is lean the bike on a angle when going through em and if you still can't make it, lift the front wheel.
  5. Bugger to stop and say sorry...I hit way too many mirrors to do that.... :shock:
  6. who cares?
  7. Stop and say sorry, otherwise next time the same guy will make a decishion do I cut him off or do I give him some room. It's nothing that you wouldn't yourself expect.
  8. I would if you hit my mirror. If i see a bike coming i try to move over and give them a bit more space so it wont happen.
  9. And always give people a wave when they let you back into moving traffic, makes em more likely to do it again next time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. If you ever hit my mirror ill be sure to show you how much i care. I have no drama with lane splitting but...

    1. If you cant do it with out hitting stuff dont do it.

    2. If you do even give something a small touch try to at least pull over and chat to the person and offer to pay for any damage.

    Its just common courtesy...
  11. There's a lot pf people who just don't understand that concept.
  12. You guys are seriously hitting mirrors ...not just the very odd occasion and check damage?? And you don't give a stuff? Yeah - get some respect. Why in the world do you think cagers would give you any respect for space or safety or anything if that's how you treat them? It's no wonder we have a bad name out there. Thanks a lot
  13. This is why I sometimes think it is absolutely pointless volunteering to represent riders at lobby groups. We can do heaps of work with politicians and non-riding groups and then after the meeting, on their way home they have one of their mirrors clipped by an asshole who doesn't pull over and say sorry and weeks worth of work is blown.

    When non-riders don't need to consider our needs as a motorcycling community(a minority in society) it only takes a little thing like this to change their view 180 against us. Yet it takes weeks worth of lobbying and work to try to get them onside. As long as non-riders are in charge, we are always going to get shafted if riders show total disrespect for cagers.
  14. You guys are so up your self, if I thought the hit was big enough even to have done the slightest of damage I would stop…but most mirror hits are that light there is NO chance of damage on either mirror
  15. Thanks. Exactly what I was talking about. You see it only from your perspective. How about the bloke sitting in his car? He hears a thump that he isn't expecting as he sits in stopped traffic. For one, it probably scared the shit out of him. But he doesn't know what you hit so doesn't know if there is any damage until he has a chance to get out and have a look. End result - regardless of damage, he thinks you are an asshole and if he is a non-rider, that gets translated to the rest of us. And looky here....what's this....it's another attempt at an outright ban on lane-splitting. Where did that comes from? Ah, I see, that guy you just clipped(but did no damage to) works for the NTC or the RTA or is an adviser to the Minister for Roads or Transport. And he now has a vendetta against lane-splitters. Well done!
  16. I honestly couldnt care less about public rider image or lane splitting laws. As i said its just common courtesy that if you hit something that belongs to someone else you apologise and pay for any damages...

    And again if your hitting mirrors, either start judging your gaps a bit better ot stop doing it all together.

    I dont care if the damage is minor or even non existent. Its no different to someone backing into your bike and knocking it over. "Gee i only just touched it and it just fell over from stationary, there wont be much damage, shell be right"
  17. I will admit that I have only hit mirrors the 1st few weeks after I got back on the bike from a long time off and the mirrors where a lot wider than before (have not clipped one in a long time now) but I still stand by if the hit is not even enough to move the mirror on the bike …how the hell can it damage the car one
    And as for reference of knocking over a bike …..That’s talking about something completely deferent. but if that’s all you can use to justify your view, so be it…I don’t buy it
  18. people are so inconsiderate, you hear so many hit and run stories on the news nowadays.

    Picture this: you were driving in a cage, how would you feel when a rider knock your mirrors off? I'll be definitely be pissed off! :shock:
  19. Holy crap….if I knocked a mirror enough that it moved…I would stop …ok you’re not just aiming that at me and there would be people that would not stop and I agree that’s wrong :shock:
  20. i've done in twice and believe me i do understand that i'm not adding up to the good image of motorcyclists and i don't feel great about it. i did stop the first time because my mirror was bent in. i was sitting on the side of the road waiting for the driver to pull over and kick my ass. and it's fair i would have taken it that time. but he never stopped so he probably didn't care too much or might not even noticed it. don't know. but this time was different. that dude in a four whell drive cut me off jumping the lanes, then he decided to jum back in front of me and close the gap between the 2 cars. i probably should have stopped right there but for some reason didn't. bad judgement on my behalf??? most definitely. if i had a chance to go back in time i would have definitely done a different thing but now all i have to say is i really do feel bad about that and i know it reflects on all of us. but i don't think we should get started that this kinda behaviour is the worst we could possibly imagine. not trying to justify my ****up at all.