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Embarassing newbie mistakes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by kinch, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. I'm sure there have been threads like this before, but I'm curious to see what mistakes others make.

    As for me, I have two. The first was when I first got my bike. I had my learners permit, I had never ridden a bike before, and I was going to practice just tootling up and down the driveway to get used to the clutch. So, I put it in first, let the clutch out slooooowly and it stalled. Every single time I stalled it no matter what I was doing. It's important to mention here that my bike didn't come with a manual (it was supposed to, but it had to be sent out to me a week later by the dealers).

    After a weekend of this, I finally got a motorbike-knowledgeable mate over to tell me what I was doing wrong. Long story short, I had somehow got it into my head that the gears were all up for neutral, and then successive downshifts are the 1-5 gears. In other words, I was trying to start in top gear :-/ I have no idea where I got the original notion that the gears are sequential like that, or the order, but I picked it up somewhere. Oh, and my mate pointed out the diagram of the gears (with 1 at the bottom and neutral above it) is drawn on the engine just below the gear lever... if only I had looked closer...

    The second thing was much more recent, and is kind of inexplicable. I've been riding my slow crappy 225 bike for a few weeks now. I'm not great, but I'm still alive, and no accients or spills yet. Being a 225 it really struggles on hills or even gentle inclines. So I'm going up a hill, in 4th gear, engine revs are about 5k. Coming to the top of the hill and my speed is high enough, so I decide to shift into 5th. For some reason I still can't comprehend, I did this by stomping down on the lever. Engine started screaming at me and gave a mighty jerk. I realised what I had done and clicked up again, but for the life of me, I have no idea why at that exact moment I equated 'stomping down' with 'shifting up'. I've only done that once back then... I'm thinking it's just a temporary brain fart.

    So folks, please tell me your stories in the hopes that I'm not the most pathetic newbie here ;)
  2. I have two;

    Running my battery dry by attempting to start the bike (about 20 times) with the kill switch on. I eventually called for help which was answered with "do you have the kill switch on"... :oops:

    Dropping my bike off for a service and getting a loaner scooter. On the way back to pick up my bike the scooter cuts out and I coast to the side of the road. After a quick inspection I determine that the scooter has broken down, so I call the service place and about an hour later a ute rocks up. Only to be told that's it's not working because it ran out of petrol! :oops:
  3. No you're not the only one.

    Went for a ride a week after getting my bike - was my first ride in traffic, about 30km return.

    On way home I could tell my concentration was failing as I'd expect it to do at this early stage. Went to turn the blinker off after exiting a turn but put clutch in and downshifted instead.

    Bike lurched and it took me a second to work out what I did wrong. Was only low speed so wasn't a problem but I knew it was time to call it a day.
  4. after i bought my first bike, the next day i was in the driveway and i went to take off, but the bike kept stalling...

    i checked everything, fuel tap (mines automatic but i checked it anyway), kill switch, gear in first gear, choke off (hot day)... but then when i went to take off, it just stalled, EVEN when i had the throttle open all the way and was letting the clutch out slowly!!

    so i ended up getting my dad to help me (he used to ride bikes)...

    turned out i left the sidestand down... :oops: :oops: :oops:
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  5. going too slow around roundabouts.. and not knowing when to switch to reserve!
  6. I bought a cruiser.

    Also, once I put my left glove on first.
  7. I don't know how you ever show your face around here!! Disgraceful :LOL:
  8. Flooded my engine the second time I went to ride it after buying it as I had the killswitch flicked on. haha.
  9. Was pulling out slowly from the kerb at night and realised that I'd flicked my high beams on accidentally.

    So I stretched my hand out to flick them off again and apparently couldn't cope with doing 2 things at once, and dropped the bike.
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  10. Pulled away from the kerb on my just paid for bike, hit a tram track
    and went down.

    Must have been the owner for, ummmmm, 3 or 4 minutes.

    If you could die of embarrassment I'd be gone now.
  11. It was actually WHERE he put the glove on first that is so embarassing... :p
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  12. had my bike for about 4 days, was probably busy looking a the chick's arse on the bike in front of me and ran clean into a curb (after a bit of panicy brain farting)..... 3 days later I was out of hospital with fractured vertebrae...

    Ok, so I can't remember exactly what wnet wrong in the accident as I was knocked unconscious, though I have ridden through the same curves at anywhere upto 70 odd km/h since, without an issue.... and since I'd probably been shaking hands with the unemployed for quite a while at the time, I dare say the above is a fair root cause analysis :p

    My new bike is newer and handles better too... so was it worth it??? ha!
  13. Reminds me of an old gag:

    Did you hear about the bloke with five whangers?

    His undies fit him like a glove.
  14. a LOT of chugging when getting going on hills. i suspect this is a problem with my bike....er yea.

    this morning pulled up to some lights , stoppped in 2nd, tried to pull off again...in 2nd. realised my mistake and must not have rolled off before downshifting. result: popped a little wheelie! w00t!
  15. my one and only ultimate newbie moment was in the rain, on a seriously steep hill-start in morning peak hour traffic. For some reason i revved way too much and the back end spun out from behind me, pointing me in the direction of the other lane on the other side of the road. When i hit the clutch i was on such an angle that i could not put my foot down and i could not stand so i ended up kangaroo hopping and slip/sliding into the opposite lane and into a drive way..

    the single most embarassing moment by far.. nothing else has ever come close.

  16. LOL!
    I always put my right glove on first. Does that mean I'm not a newbie anymore Loz?
  17. lol that's a classic :) Thanks for sharing!
  18. Nearly looped my C90 Step-Thru by giving it a big handful and tramping it into gear. Learned three things. 1) Never underestimate the ability of a centrifugal clutch to bite instantly 2) Desperately squeezing the front brake doesn't help when your number plate is scraping the road and 3) Whenever you do something stupid it will, inevitably, be in front of a large and appreciative audience (chip shop queue in this case).

    Also on the Mighty Step-Thru, I was accelerating :LOL: out of a roundabout and reaching maximum revs in 2nd when I was passed by a Duke 900SS (the real, bevel drive one) and an 850 Commando who were having a bit of a sporting challenge. I was so distracted by the glorious music of a pair of minimally baffled twins being strung out to the redline I suffered a brain fart and shifted back to 1st rather than up to top. I later calculated that the revs must have gone to somewhere between 15,000 and disaster, but the main effect at the time was to make me smack the speedo with my visor and lose control to an extent I wouldn't have thought possible without falling off. Ow. Bugger.

    Then there was attempting my first U-turn on the CZ250 Sport :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: that replaced the C90 after I passed my test. As might be predicted, the weight got the better of me and I ended up stuck under the bike in the middle of the road.

    Ahhhh. Happy memories :grin: .
  19. HAHAHA... oh sh1t, mybe it's not a good idea me getting my licence. My worst fear is dropping the sucker

    however, i am lookin forward to giving my most embarrassing moment, when it happens lol
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  20. Don't worry about it. It probably won't happen and, if it does, it's not the end of the world. Nakeds and dirt bikes are particularly worry free in this regard.