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Embarassing mistake

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bulby, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I'm pretty sure there was a thread for embarassing newbie mistakes. But for the life of me, I can't seem to find it. Must be my n00b search skills.

    Anyhow, this happened about a week ago. I parked my bike in neutral and went to do a quick shopping run. Came back 10-15 minutes later and the bike won't start. No response, no nothing from the start button.

    Checked gear - Neutral confirmed.
    Kill switch was not on.
    Kickstand was up.
    Retried a couple of times, still nothing.

    Then a minute or 2 later, realised ignition was NOT turned on... (d'oh!) ](*,)
    Turned the key, hit start button, engine growled and I rode off with bright-red face steaming inside my helmet. :oops:
  2. im pre sure you got the "OMFG WTF" feeling... lolol

    "OMFG how the heck can i bring this home... OMFG it wont start!"
  3. Embarrassing? Yes. :)
    But we all live inside a very fragile glass house, so you won't cop any stones from us, since we've all had that little drama, in one shoe, form or another.

    It's just your bike's way of reminding you, that IT, still has the goods on you. :)
  4. I remember about a week into owning my bike, accidentally flicked the killswitch at a set of lights, had to push it off the road and took me about 10 mins to figure it out hahaha.
  5. I've never forgotten to turn the ignition on, however I have in the past had trouble starting a bike because;

    Fuel Tap was OFF,
    Had the bike in gear,
    Kill switch on,
    Kickstand down, or (more recently)
    Forgot to pull the cluch in.
  6. Times like this it's an advantage to be wearing a full face helmet
  7. Friends with a sense of humour have been known to ride up next to us and turn off the killswitch at 100k.
    Friends with a cruel streak have been known to ride up next to us and turn off the ignition, remove the key, and ride off with it ... It's not so damn funny after sitting by the side of the road for a few minutes with no sign of them.
  8. lol OMG and they are your friends !!! Hate to think of what your enemies will do to you.

  9. When I test rode my first bike (not scooter) I forgot to turn the fuel on....

    I got exatly one block and then it died on an uphill zebra crossing in front of a school. Thank God it was a light 250 I could push up the incline, unlike my current monster!
  10. I've turned off the kill switch by mistake going down a long hill, not noticed anything until I need to speed up again. 10 minutes before I worked out what was wrong. I had even checked the tank for fuel twice.
  11. #12 bulby, Nov 10, 2011
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    Lol. Yes to that omfgwtf feeling. Was trying to open my boot to grab my wallet for the hauler's name card. That's how I noticed ignition was off. (Yep. She's the Across)

    And having run out of gas otw to work in peak hour traffic means I am well acquainted to what running out of fuel feels like =]
    That was my very first time riding to work too. I still remember every detail of it.
  12. .... I recently had brain fade on the 600 and jumped on, went to shove the bike off the side stand and found out really quickly that I had forgotten to engage the front brake whilst on a hill.... OMFG!!...*wobble, wobble, scraaaaaape*... Nearly lost it!!....8-[

    .... One learns by ones mistakes!!.. and can also nearly shat ones self too ](*,)

    May all your mistakes be little ones!!..... No wait!!.....
  13. A person of average intelligence learns from their mistakes. A person of superior intelligence, learns also from the mistakes of others. This is the true value of a place like NetRider.

    I know a thing or two about bikes, mostly because I've done all the dumb things.
  14. And further to what the guys immediately above said, from hereon, may all your ups (unless we're talking wheelies) and downs be ONLY in the bedroom (y)
  15. I've got another one. This happened very recently.

    As I pulled up at the red light, I noticed a couple of nice looking girls at the intersection checking me (or the bike) out. Or so I thought anyway.
    Amazingly, I somehow managed to forget to put my foot down... LOL
    Good thing the bike was light. Otherwise it would've been one of those slow motion stationary drops.

  16. haha classic!

    I had a near drop yesterday. New to pillioning, I asked my wife to hop on the back while I was still putting my gloves on. OOps! I don't think I'll do that again.
  17. yep, owned mine for a week and forgot the killswitch was off once and thought it was dead, thought the transmission was screwed because it would die when i put it in first (with the side stand down), thought i broke down but had turned the fuel tap off mid ride, stalled at the lights maybe 5 times while people were looking at me and just generally looked like a noob at every possible opportunity. and i've loved every second of it!
  18. My worst mistake so far was when I was riding in traffic in the fast lane of a four lane 80km/h road and could feel the fuel was running low. I turned the tap to reserve while moving, thinking I'd done well. Then a couple of hundred metres up the road, the engine splutters and dies. I rolled across 3 lanes and pull over on the side. Took a good 5 minutes to realize I'd turned the fuel tap the wrong way, to off.