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Email to Sumoto UPDATE (Now containing Response)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Guest, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Sumoto, WTF, why are you bothering with them

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  4. They wont reply.

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  1. I am not buying a bike from Sumoto but I was just intrested that to know if you already have your equipment, if they will take the cost of the "learner Package" of the price of the bike. Because it has to be factored into the sale price somehow, they would be just giving stuff away.

    Anyway I thought I would give the litttle Sumoto Salesmen one email to read this morning, so I asked the question above. So I thought I would run a little poll on their response. :wink:

  2. Why would you even go to the bother of finding out if you intend to not buy a bike from them?
  3. yeah, i kinda wondered that too :?

    i'm of two minds on this one. on one hand, the prices are well and truly high enuff to play haggles. but on the other hand, this is sumoto :LOL: and the "learners pack" probably costs them around $100 direct from china :wink:

    i'll go with no....
  4. wouldn't it be less painfull to have rusty nails hammed in to your head than buy a bike from sumoto ?
  5. well, the pain sure wouldn't last as long :LOL:
  6. Heres the email I recieved this morning

    I think they are going to Bu""ht about the compliance date & procedure. And also that their helmet/ package is much better Shoei and TigerAngel

    Hi Tim

    Call us direct or email a number so we can explain how it all works in
    detail.03 9329 6066

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Look forward to hearing from you.



    ----- Original Message -----
    To: <sales@sumoto.com.au>
    Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 8:46 AM
    Subject: Honda Hornets

    I am interested in purchasing a Honda Hornet from yourself. You are
    stating that these bikes are 2005 models. Know I understand the Import/
    Compliance procedure coming from an mechanical background. My question
    is how old are these models, for example what is the range of dates on
    the build plates of the bikes that you referbish.

    My other question is you are offering to Victorian people, $700 learners
    package. Now if I have already purchased my leathers (Tiger Angel) and
    Helmet (Shoei) will you be willing to take $500 to 700 of the price of
    the bike. As I know that that leaners package is factored into the price
    of the bike. My last question is I have heard reports of yourself only
    having a few bike on the floor, how many have you acutally got on your

    I would appreciate you response to this email,

  7. well... call them! i cant wait to hear the BS they spin :LOL:
  8. what did they say?????? :)
  9. yea so you gonna call em up ?
  10. Obviously they haven't managed to master the art of the email "hard sell" :LOL:.
  11. ROFL @ email response...

    That's the kinda stuff that Internet helpdesks send back.
  12. Don't know , I really can't be bothered. If anyone else wants to ring them feel free. Your've got the number, my name, the email I sent and the response. Thats all they know about me. If anyone is going to ring post up here that you are so 50 Tim's don't ring up. :wink:
  13. Nah, the first rule of any negotiation is to NEVER put anything in writing, until the very last second when the deal is done. This includes emails too.
  14. I challenge you to draw any info out of them via email. Tell them you're deaf or something so you would prefer to communicate via email heh.
  15. Tell them your deaf but if they have a text phone you can communicate to them.

    One of the trick with dealing with spammers when your spam baiting.
  16. I just rang Sumoto, to find out about there bikes (to use as comparasion against local dealers).

    It went something like this; Ring Ring :grin:

    Hello, Sumoto.

    Do you have any Honda Hornets in stock ?

    Yes 6.

    What dates to the manufacture dates range from ?

    pause Um 1996 to 1998.

    Whats the price on the 1998 one ?

    They get priced on complinace dates not manufacture dates,

    Pause But anyway $----- (I've forgotten)

    Okay thanks, Bye.


    It shows that they were not happy about me asking about manufacture dates, not their compliance B**ht.
  17. so they alway charge top dollor cause they have very recent Compliance dates.

    Give us LAMS!!!
  18. Exactly, Thats why you have to be very careful around them. Not only are they selling them as 2005 models but they are also pricing them the same.

    So if you looked carefully you could pick up a 1998 complianced in 2004 cheaper than a 1996 comlianced in 2005. :shock:
  19. that is rather dodgy....

    well you know where not to buy your bike don't you?
  20. Even build date can be iffy though - an import could easily have a '98 model frame but could have an engine and/or other parts from a '96 model. Guess even Sumoto don't know what's fitted with bits from what so have to use the compliance date for pricing.