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Elusive road in Northern NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by lil_mike, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I remember a story a friends dad told me once, about a one-way road he used to ride on in northern NSW somewhere. I think it was near some old mines. Does anybody know about this or have any information as I'd really like to find it.


  2. Go riding. You might find it.
  3. I live in Brisbane......bit too far to just hope to stumble upon it haha
  4. Depends how far north. 250k's to bruxner hwy over mt lindesay with route of your choice gives you a bit of exploring area. Spada would do it easy and you wouldn't even be sore at the end.
  5. While there's no mining in the area, though plenty of logging in the old days, would the Lions Road fit the profile? Much of it in the early days was narrow enough to qualify as one-way (some of it still is), and the dozens of one-way bridges might bring that impression to mind if he hadn't been there in a long time. Google it. Fun ride, with care.
  6. yeah the spada would have no trouble, still costs money though which is always sparse when you're a student :(

    Lions road looks interesting, will have to go check it out sometime soon
  7. Not that many one-way systems in northern NSW, and fewer mines! Are you looking at sealed roads?

    The Lions Rd isn't a mining road - built specifically as a tourist road by the Kyogle Lions Club (hence the name). There are mines around the Woodenbong / Urbenville area (and some nice little roads .. )

    Some interesting roads near mines between Glenn Innes and the Qld Border - a lovely little loop west of the NE Hwy Deepwater - Emmaville - Glen Innes.

    Another interesting loop that has some mines and a one-lane (but two-way) section is Stanthorpe - Glenlyon - Mingoola - Mole Ck - Tenterfield. If you don't mind dirt you can loop back via Bald Rock and Wilson's Downfall into Stanthorpe or take the longer dirt back towards Woodenbong (loose, crappy dirt, however).

    If you're really feeling adevnturous, try going over the plateau from carney Creek to Killarney via Queen Mary Falls. All sealed, but some very narrow / steep / hairy sections .. great views, rainforest, and a return option via Mt Lindsey.