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VIC Eltham - BBQ free to good home

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by the_blacke, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. I've got a BBQ free to good home. 3 burners from memory, solid hot plate with fat drain hole in the centre.

    It needs new knobs and a new hose, but it's free :)

    It's one of the smaller style BBQs where the legs can fold up for storage.

    Edit: you can see it in the background of this pic:

  2. Re: Eltham - BBQ

    what pic lol
  3. Re: Eltham - BBQ

    I think we are looking top down onto a side gas burner? :-s
  4. Re: Eltham - BBQ

    Correct. As per first post, the legs fold up for storage, so you can see the top (hot plate) of the BBQ leaning up against the wall. See how elegant, stylish and compact it is. See how it calls to you, beckons you to call it your own.

    Well, probably not you guys in Sydney. But maybe someone in Melbourne.

    It's also not 100% dissimilar to the BBQ that was so famously carried on a motorbike down the eastern freeway, so don't be daunted if you don't own a car, this beauty can still be yours!
  5. Re: Eltham - BBQ

    What pic??????
  6. Re: Eltham - BBQ

    Hunny, no one can see the pic :)

    Repost the pic or try a different way to upload it?
  7. Re: Eltham - BBQ

    why oh why oh why?!?! It looks fine for me!!! :'(

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  8. Re: Eltham - BBQ

    I swear I saw that GS500 in Ray Quincey!
  9. Re: Eltham - BBQ

    hmmm, i wonder how i could get it home on the bike :rofl:

    ps no i am not interested (y)
  10. Re: Eltham - BBQ

    No shortage of those around here...

  11. Re: Eltham - BBQ


    Go on, you know you want to
  12. is it still available?
  13. yup, still available
  14. Let me suss out borrowing a car and I'd love it. When's a good time for pick up?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.