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Elmo has arrived!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Envy-t, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. I traveled 800mts along middleborough road after taking my daughter to school with my new addition on.....


    I was waved at by nearly every car I passed and had a truck driver scare fuk outta me by blowing his horn in laughter. 1 car nearly drove into the gutter pointing me out to the kids.
  2. =D>



    ..Looking good there!!!.....
  3. wtf were you thinking :-s
  4. Yeah you shouldn't go out of the house with a shirt like that.
  5. Yeah, what the hell. Is that a microfibre singlet?
  6. Are you in a storage cupboard?
  7. ...er.... do you have someone's hand up your arse??..... 8-[
  8. LMAO people. That pick was taken lastnight in my garage/storeroom/office.
  9. That's creepy. I like it!
  10. That's gold!

  11. Are you wearing braces?? That's so gansta mate!
  12. that's the strap for the AK47.

    It's pink, but shhhh.
  13. Because people wearing hi-vis vests have no imagination.
  14. Lol!!!
    The tank top is made from that breathable material and the black strap is the Helmet strap.

    I went for a little ride today. To say it makes people smile is an understatement.
  15. Hilarious; made my day!
  16. Gotta fix up your jacket and pants to have the full red fur.
    Then as you're rolling along, you gotta play "Elmo's song" full blast, gangster style.

    No one would mess with you ever because you got awesome street cred.

    Sesame St cred yo!
  17. Where do you get these from?
  18. don't lie. It's Rayon.
  19. Yeah I love the elmo. When I saw Bevan with it on I thought, I must get me one of those. They are hilarious.

    I'll order one and make sure they take it with them to the GC expo for me to collect.

    edit: Not sure it's the sae people, looking at their website. hmmmm

    Will see who it is at the GC expo.