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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Marshy, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Hey Hey all you crazy llama lovers!!

    (dont worry I am crazy and very bored at work)

    Just giving my quick hello!
    I've had my L's for a few months now and just purchased the first bike. Honda CBR250RR, the MC14.

    The housemate is also buying a bike and what not soon so garage space is very limited. Mainly due to the 5.4meter boat in there but yeah.

    Cant wait to get up some k's and enjoy those sunny days out on the bike.
    (in full gear of course)

    Look foward to chatting with yas!
  2. G'day Marshy and welcome to Netrider 8)
  3. How did he know about the Llamas?
  4. I guess he hears the famous cry....."Warning there are Llamas" :shock:
  5. I'd question quite how famous that cry really is...

    Me and the Llama's are just good friends mind.
  6. Marshy, First off, let me welcome you to the forums and netrider!!!
    Secondly, you weren't the guy on F'tree gully rd being hassled by a lovely young lass on a blue SV650S last sunday were you?
  7. Flipper....
    Im pretty bad with remembering things....
    LOL! Let me think.....

    Nope! But Im starting to wish I was!
    Come on whats the story!
    (i love foward to many hassles of lovely young lass' on blue SV650S)

  8. LOL, not too much of a story there, Firefling (minna) and I were coming home from a ride on sunday and met up with a guy at the lights riding a CBR250. Minna got chatting to him and steered him in the direction of the netrider site. I think we should get those magnets made up so I can carry some in my "boot" and slap one on the tanks of bikes we pull up next to :wink:
  9. Ahh chicks on the proul I see. Petty the helmet covers my hair dunno how pulling chicks will go without the trump card... my looks

    Oh how vain I sound... haha! My true colours showing now!

    It is my area'ish I hang around at. Mind you you can find me anywhere round Narre / franga area... Mulgraveish area (work).. to all the way up round Kew or Rickmond... I like to get around (travel wise).

    Take it easy girls! You'll distract riders and cause major disasters on the roads ok!
  10. Llamas? :?

    :LOL: Welcome
  11. Welcome marshy :D .
  12. well i live and work in Mulgrave so i will keep an eye out :p
  13. I have a question about the llamas......

    An arab will have the answer to the question....

  14. welcome marshy
    keep an eye out at night and early morning around richmond , kew for red across ,thats me
  15. yeah, and when you see it, go the other way, quickly :LOL: :LOL: :p

    oh yeah, welcome marshy
  16. Welcome to the site!
  17. Welcome Marshy to the netrider forums :)
  18. Thanks guys!

    You know whats really bad bout those llamas?
    They are sneaky b@stards and eat your lunch that you innocently put on the back of ya bike, then... THEN!!!! When you go and harrass the stupid thing bout it he spits in your eye!!

    I really need a new job, these llamas are too damn annoying!
  19. I thought they were camels? :shock:
  20. Camels do that too!!!

    What is this world coming too!! When you cant even eat your lunch in peace!!

    Hey firefling, what is the character in your avatar mean?