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ello!!! + sry

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by squirrelgadget, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. sorry guys for not introducing myself b4 posting :oops:

    I grew up around bikes (parents were enthusist sport bikers) and started riding regularly beg of 07! now you can't get me off one! learnt to ride o/s when i lived in asia, so only on littly but cruised around thailand/laos/indo for 3months of joy, then had a Suzuki GR650 (1981 cruiser style heavy bugger) and have now been riding a vtr250 for the last 4month, clocked up a good 10,000ks + already!

    ride every weekend, you'll usually find me at RW or stanwell... but i ride prity much everywhere. So have been tryin to org a ride up the oxley for chrissy cause its the only time i get off work :( i know accom could be xxxxy but i usually stay in wauchope pub for about 30 bucks a night.

    anyway catcha around :grin:

  2. Welcome to NetRider!

    I'm sure if you put something on the ride forum thingy you will get takers to join you!

  3. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  4. hey there! welcome!! have a good one
    see you around sometime
  5. Welcome gadget, maybe see you out there before or on an Oxley run :grin:
  6. squirrelgadget - welcome..

    It must've been fun filtering between hundreds of other bikes in Indonesia hey? Gee...how they make a good use of every available road space.. btw Im from Indo.

    I work in Gladesville, may see u around one day...
    :idea: how bout the next Honda club ride on Dec-2? Its not that much tea-n-scones ride...
  7. Welcome to netrider.
    A ride like that sounds good.
  8. 'ello gadget.

    Welcome to NR. :)

    It says you're from Lane Cove... do you ever bump into the stumpy one?

  9. I lived in Jakarta for 2 1/2 years, in the late eighties, when my old man was working for Foreign Affairs.

    Only place I've seen drivers turn a three lane road into six, or more! :grin:

    People talk about squidding and stuff over here. They ain't seen sh*t. I once saw a family of SIX on a bike over there. Two kids on the tank, then Dad, then another kid, and lastly Mum, holding a baby! At least the kids had helmets on...

    ...plastic toy baseball helmets! :shock:
  10. :LOL: Squidding makes filtering & splitting easy...
    Have you ever seen the biggest group ride there? It's when they have an election.

    and with the bike like this....


    BTW my brother lives in Sunnybank Hills and he has a gixxer. He spends most of his times abroad tho
  11. Yeah... as long as it looks like a helmet, these are okay too:

  12. Or funeral. Man, what a sideshow!