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Ello Ello? This is Mornington calling civilisation!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CFVFR, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. :eek: OOHH a bike forum, how lovely.
    Hi to all, Cameron here bike lover from the word go. Had a number of bikes so far but am on a 2004 VFR800 Red one that suits nicely.
    Hope to get involved in lots of rides and hopefuly be more involved with meeting other members etc.
    Family man and work stupid hours so bear with me. Have a son who is 4 Lachlan and one on the way in Nov so very excited.
    Anyhoo enough about me.
    And its goodnight from him,
    Cam :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. Hey there Cam !
    Welcome neighbor to Netrider
  3. "It's goodnight from him", memories of Morcombe and Wise :LOL:

    I was a bit confused to see the words Mornington and civilisation in the same sentence, actually, but welcome to Netrider. There's bound to be a coffee night or two somewhere near you; call in and say 'Hi' to the folks.
  4. Hi Cam,

    Greetings! I am in Frankston South and recently opened an office in Frankston. Takes me longer to gear up/gear down than I spend on the road each day, but I still ride into the office rain, hail or shine!

    Anyway, about once a fortnight I take the scenic route via Mornington pier in the mornings on the way to work - nice!

    I am only 7 months into my riding, so on a v-twin 250 :) What do you do for a living? I work absurd hours too, and have 4 kids (the last was born 3 days ago!)

    Take care,

  5. Hornet, actually "and i'ts goodnight from him" is from the irreplaceable Two Ronnies
  6. Look at that. 4 posts in, and he chips the mighty hornet 600.
    He is going to fit right in, I reckon.
  7. 100% Correct. Hornet you're losing it bloke :LOL:

    Welcome to netrider Chefcam :grin:
  8. Tirian,
    I am a chef working down at Moonah Links so the ride there is pretty boring. Congrats on the new arrival. How do you manage to get any time to ride. Hard enough just one. Maybe we should all post some ideas on what we can blag to the missus in order to satify our prievil urges (on two wheels)
  9. I don't mind the run down the coast road from Mornington to Dromana as long as you dont get stuck behind someone doing 40! I suppose you probably take the freeway though...

    I have no problems with my other half in terms of going out riding - she even encourages me to go out in the wet when it looks like I'm heading for the car instead... But the main thing is trying to convince her that I NEEEEED to spend a few $k upgrading to a 650 for the rest of my restricted license.... hmmn... I dont even know how to bring it up!! I am on a virago 250 at the moment, but would dearly like to get a 650gs - perhaps I can use her crush on Ewan McGregor here...... :)

  10. Get her to go on a ride on a bigger bike :) Worked for me.
  11. Can't remember exactly where he worked, but sounds familiar...do you know John Conner?
  12. Hi Cam,

  13. Shhh...there are machines out looking for him...

  14. G'day from Mt Martha!
  15. Welcome to NR

    Morcombe and Wise??? Hell hornet you are showing your age.

    Actually they were more...
    "There were tow old men in deck chairs...."
    "You can't tell that joke here!"
  16. ...and Hastings!
  17. and greetings from Langwarrin too!