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ello ello ello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by slickncghia, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. G'day Guys and Gals

    My Name is Ben, 21 and Live in SE Melbourne.

    Ive recently got my L's and Just bought an almost immaculate 94 Suzuki Across GSX250F. 29,000ks custom black paint,tinted viser ect ect and its been looked after pretty well.

    Im absolutly loving riding a bike and look forward to growing my skills and having heaps of fun

    i will post a pic of her (shes gorgeous) when i get 5 posts up

    Anyway looking forward to getting plenty off tips and maybe coming on some rides.


  2. Welcome, Ben. You've come to Netrider at a good time; most of the people who used to make Across jokes have moved on to bigger bikes :LOL:.
  3. G'day Ben, Welcome, from another forum noob
  4. Hi Ben welcome, well we already have somethin in common the same ride the same colour :grin: hmmm now we just have to catch up for a ride :biker: ride safe and cya soon
  5. Welcome Ben. Enjoy the stay .. :grin:
  6. Welcome, Ben! I started on an Across too. How much alcomohol can YOU fit in the boot? I managed 5 bottles of wine (1 was a desert wine) :grin:
  7. Welcome Ben from another new guy here. :biker:
  8. Hey guys, thanks

    Havent got around to putting alcamaholl in the boot yet (i say yet)

    as for across jokes bring em on. i rekon its a bees balls of 250's but its just that...im 14 months and 4weeks and 1 day away from my hyabusa.

    or maybe step to a gixer 7 as a step up to the busa.

    Love it had the bike 5 days and im already looking for the next one :p

    Just need to get myself some decent security and ill be all set, im thinking a disk lock and a thick cable lock.

    Big-up everyone

  9. Well i just feel pretty chuffed with myself, for a n00b and all.

    i was finding that when changing up i was often not able to lift the gear shift up enough and not properly changing gear (sliping into neutral or 3.5 ect)

    so armed with my trusty toolkit i adjusted the gearshift 1 notch down and now its mutch better, upshifts with confidence.......well this got me up enough posts some pics
  10. time for the pics

    me and the bike


    shes gorgeus eh?
  11. Welcome Ben from yet another Across owner. :grin:
    Little older than yours but still a beudy !!
    Enjoy your riding & be safe.

  12. Hi Ben
    Grouse looking bike.
  13. hello there, Ben!!

    Welcome... :)
  14. someones getting there posts up :)

    however thanks none the less. look forward to catchin up with some of the melb peeps for a cruise soon