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Elizabeth St mechanics

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Jeimbo, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    First service due soon. As I ride into the city every day, It makes sense to leave the bike in CBD for its servicing. Noticed Peter Stevens has an authorised workshop in Eliz St Melb not far from my work.
    Can anyone report good experiences there or know of the integrity of the work done ther?
    'd love to take it back to the Whittlesea dealer but that means trailering it there and back and a day off work so not really practical.
    Alternatively, can anyone recommend an authorised Suzuki workshop in or around the Melb CBD?


    [mod] https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7569 , some light reading. moved to business and service providers - joel :cool:

  2. If you want the bike serviced properly and at a reasonable price keep clear of PS at all costs.. Ive purchased 2 bikes from PS and made a point of never getting them serviced there.. Heard many a story from owners and from people that work in the company.

    I took my SV to Mick Hone's in Box Hill was always happy with the work they did and the prompt service. They do have a FZ6 (naked) which you can use ($20) while your bike is serviced.
  3. I know 'Dr Who' took his CBR1000 there for its first service and had no complaints. However I nearly fell over when he told me how much it was, but then again the first 1000k service had to be done by them so I understand so he had no choice. Ive also heard they are very busy all the time now and you need to get your bike booked in plenty of time if it is a scheduled thing.
  4. Why do you say he had no other choice ? Just because u buy a bike from them doesnt mean you have to get the 1st there.. Plenty of Honda dealers out there that will be happy to do the job - better and cheaper than PS.
  5. G'day everyone,....

    Took my Blade to Peter Stevens and had no problems with them.
    (Cnr Elizibeth & Queensberry st)
    I looked at what thay did and found everything done right.
    My 6k service I had done at Honda in Hoppers Crossing because PS was booked out when it was due,The Honda place in Hoppers did a great job and went above and beyond the required service.
    The cost was the same as PS.
    Quotes from other places had been higher.

    Don't be scared to inspect the work done on your bike while it is there being worked on.

    These two places are the only ones I can comment on.
    So far no bad experiances,But then I stay with the bike and tend to watch to see that the job gets done.

    Dr Who?
  6. You can take your bike to any authorised dealer for the first service, you don' have to take it where you bought it. (I have even confirmed this with Suzuki Australia). I bought my bike from PS and had the first service done at Mick Hone. When I rang PS, they had a 4 week wait - although this was early feb.
  7. I will never EVER be going back to peter stevens to spend any of my hard earned ever again!

    The only thing i expierienced there was an impersonal, overcharged service. Where the work that i was charged for was not done to the extent i payed for. Not only was i told my front brakes were in a dangerous state of operation and that someone would contact me in a couple of days when my parts arrived......i had to contact them 4 times over 3 weeks for no result while i rode my bike to work every day and the fith time i was flat out lied to about how they had been trying to contact me and how long the parts had been in store for!

    Turns out the parts were from QLD and were obtainable overnight, when i finally had the front disc and pads fitted, it was around $300 for the kit but the total cost was $432 :shock: how the hell is $130 for 1/2 an hours work acceptable, and an $8 workshop sundries charge on every vist? am i paying for their frigen lunch as well????

    i have since delt with sumoto because i own a 250 and that is what they deal with. they have been nothing but friendly and happy have me in their garage and to offer a discount. if you own a 250 that is where i would suggest you go. otherwise do your research and find a mechanic who knows what he is on about and is happy to have you around while he works on the bike and actualy does what he charges you for!

    PS is way to big and full of BS if you ask me. They'll suck you in and drain your bank account. ive never had a problem with my bike. after taking it to PS numerous things have broken down, maybe it's just bad luck but it's way to much of a coincidence for my liking.

    this is one more bike rider that they have lost
  8. Some dealers have loan bikes... Ask KJ's if they have a loaner for you.