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Eliminators legal in VIC?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by johnnydelva, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    i was thinking of getting an eliminator for my gsr600... does any one know if they are legal in Vic?
  2. Probably not. The bike has to conform to ADRs I think. The regs state that the rear wheel has to have some form of shielding which extends rearward from a line drawn from the centre of the wheel upwards and to the rear at an angle of 45 degrees.
    The bodywork of the bike alone won't do that. If you included a fairly long hugger it might be legal but I've never seen such a thing. Distance beween indicators etc. is also an issue.
    Lots of people do it, but if they want to ticket you, they can.
  3. Wow another GSR :grin: Fender eliminators are illegal all over the country as the bike will no longer conform with the ADRs. I made my own by just chopping the lot off. Since this pick was taken I have fitted small indicators. I used the bracket that is in the fender to bolt them onto and used 3 3mm LED lights for the number plate light.

  4. I was of the understanding that a rear hugger was enough... but that's just heresay.

    reckon you could probably sweet talk your way out of a ticket if you had such device. doubt that any cop would know the ADRs so well.
  5. Undii was pulled over by cops in a car not too long ago and was told the specifics of how a mudguard is needed to conform to ADR. So I wouldn't bet that a cop wouldn't know the ADR of a motorbike :grin:
  6. Illegal, but heaps of us get em fitted.
  7. Also remember that the 45 degree angle thing HAS to be done with a load on the bike. I believe that it's either 50 or 60kgs, loaded onto the saddle, and the bike HAS to be off the side stand.

    If you ever get pinged for it, and the people conducting the test did not load up the bike (as they often don't), then they have illegally issued you a ticket.

    A scan through the ADR reqs will find the exact lettering of how the test is conducted. Up in Queensland the cops were stinging motorcyclists all over the place for this, including unmodified bikes, until they became aware that they weren't testing the bikes properly with a load on the seat.