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Eliminator mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by East Coast Cruiser, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Hi All, I am new to this forum so excuse any mistakes.
    I have a 2001 VN 250 Kawasaki Eliminator. Purchased 6 months ago and went looking for the hidden horsepower. Did a neat holesaw de-baffle on the std exhaust - sounds great and went a little better. Searched the net and found pre 2005 models were restricted in the carbies so have finished dismantling the bike to get to the CVK Keihins. Sealed the restrictor holes in the carby slides and straightened one needle jet !! (the reason it drank heaps and was erratic in mid/low range performance. HP up from restricted 25 to unrestricted 34. Runs sweet and picked up 40kph on the top end.
    Happy as a pig in mud but worried it might run to lean ?? Gave it a hard 30 mins through the hills and the temp light stayed off so all good ? Takes an hour + to dismantle everything to check the spark plugs so that's not an option. Exhaust inside was still black not white but it was very sooty before fixing the needle. Is exhaust enough of a lean burn indicator ?

    Shows a small flameout if revved to redline in neutral (on releasing throttle). Would never get near those revs on the road.

    Anyone done these mods before and can give me the heads up?
    200klms of Tassie Coastal twistys tomorrow will give me the answer I guess.
  2. cant help with the mod but nice ride :)
  3. Thanks Jeffco, Took it for a 200KLM ride thru some mountain passes yesterday and it purred like a pussycat (more like a roaring cat with the exhaust debaffled and sound bouncing off the rockwalls) . Day was 27C and despite some full on riding no signs of overheating, no pinging - nothing out of the norm. Called in and had a chat with Andrew Quinn at the Bicheno Motorcycle museum (a must see for all cruising in Tassie - 50+ bikes from 1930s Harleys to Dukes, Triumphs and Jap collectors bikes) and he reckoned all is fine with the mixture settings so enjoy having all the extra horses. OHH don't forget to try the Rocky Road pancakes at the Mt Elephant Pancake Parlour if riding by. Cheers
  4. Sounds like you've got it all covered great road great bike and top spots to visit.
    Will have to check it out if I get the chance