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Electronic/Digital Speedo not working

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by AnotherPom, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Hey all

    Wonder if you could help me, my misses has jus bought herself a lil 250 to learn to ride on, its only a few months old but since day dot she has had problems with the electronic speedo.
    approx 75% of the time it just sits on 0, we have tried the pull up>neutral>1st gear>pull away to see if that resets it, sometimes it will come back to life other times stays on 0.

    I have been back to the shop but same ol same ol, "works fine when we tested it mate" just picked it back up again today for her, and again, for a 40klm trip it worked for 1bout 5klm.

    Now i know nothing about the digital/electronic speedo's, is there anything i can look for to see if there is a problem, has anyone had this problem, if so how did you fix it, as the last thing she needs is to get pulled over because she is either riding too slow or too fast.

    all help appreciated.
  2. Check the earth connection, at both ends.
  3. Most of them have a "pick up" from the front sprocket or there abouts . If you can locate some wires going to a sensor near there check for loose connections , there will be a plug close by so check that too.
  4. Take it back. If it's under warranty and the dealer doesn't/won't fix it, then lodge a complaint with the distributor/importer. If still no joy then lodge a complaint with your state's small claims court (here in Victoria it's VCAT).

    Also, talk to your state's Dept of Consumer Affairs. See what they have to say before taking any definate action.

    This is a safety issue, too and emphasize that.

    Good luck
  5. You dont say what the bike is but assuming its a regular Jap steed Its either fuse (unlikely) connection (maybe) or counter sprocket sensor (likely). If it's a bike from "other" places could be anything.

    In any case, take it back and demand it be fixed or replaced. Its even more critical on a learner machine.
  6. cheers guys, pretty much told the misses it be best to take back to shop and get them to sort it, its not on having a bit part speedo on a new bike.
  7. Good luck with it. Please keep us informed as to how it goes.
  8. Check the the plug on the back of the speedo unit. If necessary, pull it out and reconnect it.

    Also check the earth connections.

    It's unlikely to be the pick up (unless the wiring is dodgy), my money is on a dodgy connection at the plug.
  9. dude!!! leave it playing up and the bike will clock less k's on it and sell for more later on!!!! who needs a speedo anyway??!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Haha, yep very tempting in VIC the speed camera State to get a bicycle speedo and let the odo sit at nothing :grin: :grin: