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Electronic balance Vs static balance.... tyres

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, May 25, 2007.

  1. I recently had a new front tyre fitted.
    The local bike shop does not have an electronic wheel balancer.
    I watched the mechanic fit the new tyre to the rim, then he turns to me and says.... "don't watch this part" in a joking manner of course.
    He proceeded to get 2 20ltr oil drums and put them side by side on his work bench and balanced the wheel between the 2 drums.
    He spun the tyre by hand and gauged with his eye where to put the weights on the spokes.

    I went home and told my step dad (our family bike expert )
    He said, yep, thats called static balancing. Thats what we did in the old days.

    What I want to know is should I take the bike somewhere to get the wheel electronically balanced, or is static balancing going to give the same result and I should just leave it be?

  2. Ive seen the same method used at race tracks, it's all good
  3. Believe it or not there are actually some advantages in a good static balance compared to an electronic balance.

    Electronic balancing is popular because it's easy and doesn't require not much skill... not because it is inherantly more accurate or better.
  4. Having tried both methods, I find I get a better result with an electronic balance. If the tyre is not perfect or close to it, I have had vibration problems at a certain speed with a static balance. Electronic balance seems to work better in this instance. Just what I have found.
  5. From what I understand a static balance can only address top-to-bottom weight imbalances, whereas electronic balances can sort out left-right issues as well.
  6. Whilst it is true that static balancing can only adress inline weight issues, the band aid fixes that electronic balancing apply to out of line imbalances aren't really a good thing.

    It is better to refit the badly fitted tyre or reroll the bent rim than it is to use electronic balancing to cover the symptons.. particuarly when often that underlying cause can cause other issues (like premature failure).
  7. hmmm, 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other.

    I have not had any vibration issues as yet, so I think I'll just leave it be for now. thanks for all your replies folks :)
  8. MotoGP bikes have their wheels balanced just as you have had, it's just like everything else bike related, it's all so simple once you know how.
  9. we would balance our go kart rims and tyre fit ups static. and those wheels are tiny.if it works on something that small in diameter then it would work on anything bigger. takes a good eye to do it though.if it dont vibrate...leave it.