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Electromagnetic Two-tone Horns

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by tonee, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. Electromagnetic Horns

    Brand new
    Two tone
    1 Set comes with 2 pieces.
    12V 400/500Hz, 118dB

    Increase noise to sound like a car. Great for when someone is about to merge into your lane without knowing you're there. I've been cut off many times and half of them my horn had no effect.

    1. Strong Sound - Audible Safety
    - Always Strong & Clear Tone

    2. Long Life & Reliability
    - Membrance Filter Technology for increased performance
    and protection against corrosion, dirt & humidity

    3. OE Quality
    - Homologated according to ECE standard and designed
    according to OE specifications

    4. For Motorcycles
    - Optical performance in Urban & Overland traffic

    With German E1 Approvals

    Price: $20


    It's not that big, I could fit both in my super sports.
  2. For those interested, I've just installed a set onto my bike and it's fcuking LOUD! this will teach those ladies cutting me off. Will post a video tomorrow
  3. physical size?
  4. they're about 2x bigger than the stock
  5. are you sure they're not two-tonEE horns :LOL:?????
  6. What's the brand?
    Trying to work out what it says on the horns but can't seem to get it right.
  7. pop down sat morn and give the learners a demo? might sell them on the spot!!
  8. They're Blu, I've never heard of it but the box says its made in Europe so must be good.

    They're on the bike now and so far no problems with it besides from me beeping randomly on the road just to hear it.

    That's if I can get up in time!
  9. were there from 10am till about 2 ish...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.