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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by coffeescoffer, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. My Hyosung rally 100 has a tendency to cut it's electrics out after being ridden for a time. It doesn't cut the motor out. Any ideas.

  2. so many things, i hate electrical gremlins

    you say the engine keeps running, so the alternator, rectifier and ingnition must all still work so it's dropping the instruments lights and horn indicators etc... ?

    does it come on again if you switch it off and then back on?or does it need cool down time?

    some suggestions

    bad earth
    melted power feed
    thermal breaker getting to hot
    if it has a printed circuit board (doubt it) it could be heating and opening a crack in the circuit and stopping the power, happened on my wifes car

    start by finding where the power comes in and follow it till you find the problem, my series 1 xj6 jag with its fantabulous lucas electrics often try's to annoy the f*#k out of me :mad:
  3. The next day it works fine.
    I plan to take the seats off and see if it is obvious why, but as it stats again when the engine is cooled I am not hopeful of that. I don't want to have to get every electrical bit tested.
    If wiring carrying a current heats up can it stop the flow of current? I didn't think it could. I thought a break would have to occur. If the circuit works when cold or warm then a break would not be obvious. I was wondering if there is a specific bit that might fail when hot.
  4. I changed to fuse to a ceramic one , seems to have done the trick. I then replaced the piss week horn with an air horn (room for one trumpet only) now I can wake the dead (tin tops asleep at wheel).
  5. you wired in a relay with that air horn mate?
  6. Um well no. Too lazy. I just unplugged the ones that went into the stock horn and plugged them onto the compressor of the air horn. There is not much room under the front faring and the less I put on the better. Also I tested it before I mounted it and it works fine without the relay. I wasn't worried about battery drain either as after 3 testing fires the battery was still ok.
    To put anything else under the front I would have to cut holes and poke the trumpet/s out. Would look mean though.
  7. While we are on electrickery

    Just to change the topic slightly. :? My vmoto monza electrics have gone all evil;

    The tail light works fine when the ignition key is turned on but when the engine is started things go weird :twisted: :arrow: The brake light element on the bulb goes on (and stays on) then wont work when the brakes are activated.... Ive got the nose cone off and the side covers off to follow the wiring path hoping to find an obvious short out. :?

    It was stolen a while back and suffered nose a cone smashing and fuel cap mangle-ation, oh and the speedo doesn't work now but apart from that it is..er... fine.

    The nose cone looks like it was smashed in an effort to get to the ignition, but it doesn't look like any of the wiring was damaged... don't know about this tail/brake light business- has anyone experienced this or got any theories.. :?:

  8. What kind of fuse set up does your scoot have? If you have more than one check the fuse holder and the connections as it seems that when the current is going from the battery through the ignition switch then directly to the rest its ok but as soon as your motor is delivery current to the battery it goes awry.
    Id also check your ignition switch (The actual thing you poke your key in). If its in the nose cone it could have sustained unseen damage.
  9. Yes the horn will appear to work, but it will be drawing far more power than the stock horn was designed to. The chances are that the horn wire is not rated to carry so much power. The risk is that with continued usage of the horn, or with a long blast of horn, you will overload the wire to the point where the wire and or switch malfunction. This could mean a melted wire, which is not something you want as there is a theoretical fire risk.

    Just out of interest, what air horn have you installed? Every air horn i've had (3 separate ones) has come with a relay.
  10. Thanks coffeescoffer :!: , The fuses are all in-line. I've managed to find and follow the wiring from the tail light to the front without luck yet- well I haven't seen anything that looks wrong :arrow: The ignition unit looks untouched - I guess the thieving %^$#@ must have been spotted and legged it. But, unseen damage is well... unseen :roll: Thanks for your advice, I have some direction now! cheers skid