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Electrical ???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by lord nykon, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. I was riding home a few weeks ago from a friends place at 3 in the morning and I thort I must have been tyred because I couldn’t see shit. But then I had the same problem the next time I went out at night. Now I have finely worked out what the problem is my lights are almost fine in lowbeam the left is weaker then the right but apart from that okish

    But when I put it in highbeam the left one is barley glowing and the right one is working fine (I think) I am wondering if this is an electrical problem or if I need to replace my globes or if it could be any thing else.

    Any suggestions/ideas would be much appreciated

    i am rideing a cbr(single r)250 89Model

  2. If you are not having problem with your battery, most probably your globes.
  3. Before you go replacing your globes, sounds like you got a bad earth problem and it may be as simple as just removing the headlight wiring conectors and replacing them.
    By taking them on and of you are effectivly 'scratching' the terminals and making a better contact. you may have to find the main headlight wiring junction and do the same. ( you may have to give em a scrape with a small flat screwdiver)
    If the terminals have a slight "blueish" residue on them, thats eletrical corrosion and will stop the full current from following. ( just the same as you get on battery terminals but to a lesser degree )
  4. Second that.

    Also, Im not sure how your headlights are set up, but you may have blown you high beam in one bulb and the weeker light you can see may be a parker or low beam.

    Swap your bulbs over and that will quickly tell you if there is a problem in them.
  5. how do i change the bulb's over?
  6. Actually you could just swap the connectors over that go into the back of the bulbs.

    this will be a 3-pin plug that goes striaght into the back of the headlight.

    If the wires aren't long enough to do this, then disconect the terminals, then there wil be a retaining clip on the bulb. It may look like a bit of wire. Unclip it, then the bulb should just slide out.

    theory has it, you never touch the glass on these, but I'm a little skeptical.
  7. I know your not spose to touch the glass with stage lights because they got espestos (wouldn’t have a clue how to spell it but that stuff made by James hardy that is giving every one cancer) or something in them so bike lights might be the same

    Well thanx for all your help I will have a go at that and see what happens