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Electrical woes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by matressking, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Right.

    On the face of it this is another "My bike wont start" thread but there are a few questions that may set it apart, bear with me!

    05 SV650S Streetfighter project bike

    So, I broke my hand and the bike sat for a month. Started first time after the hiatus so the battery is in good condition.

    A few months back I wired up the new headlight and indicators. After a little trouble, it all worked fine. I'm bringing her in to a pro for smash repair, paint and a little fabrication so I decided to re-do the wiring given that I had now learned a lot and could almost definitely do it a lot neater, I was right.

    Wired everything again, all worked perfectly.

    Decided to move on to the after market dash. Wired up the power to the "position light" wires that I had going spare. The position light is the parking light on the SV that I didn't intend to use and given that it was ignition switched I figured it was perfect for the dash, no need to go messing around with the existing loom. That worked fine, the dash was lit up when ignition was on, turned of completely when off. perfect.

    Then i went to hook up some of the warning lights. I cut off the connector from teh 2nd part of the loom (the connector that would have gone straight into the stock dash) and exposed all the wires, even stripping a couple beore realising I had no way of getting my soldering iron outside.

    Left it over night. She wouldn't start in the morning. Getting plenty of go from the battery it seems but nothing from the engine. Not even a roll start but I think this may be a problem with my techniques as I'm not used to the heavier bike and the v-twin just yet.

    So I disconnected the dash and charged the battery over night, actually only took a few hours with one of those c tek chargers.

    Same result this morning. I am also now aware that I dont think i can hear the fuel pump on kicking up the stand.


    Anyway, I'll go through the steps in the other "won't start" threads, but I fear I have done some damage somehow.

    I have no idea if leaving those wires exposed could have had an effect but if anything in the above spiel sets off any alarms for you guys, I'd appreciate it.

    If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading!
  2. I guess nobody did get that far!

    I blew a fuse cuting through the loom.

    One wire at a time people!