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Electrical Problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rodgerdodger, May 9, 2005.

  1. I've recently had the battery and the indicator switch (don't know the technical term) replaced as they were dead and the indicators weren't working. Now the battery has lost it's initial charge they're not working again, what would be the cause this time? Thanks in advance.

  2. how long was it out for ?
    put it back in and roll start it , then , take it for a ride and then see how it goes .
    if it wont keep cherge enough to start it may be cactus .

    check your terminals as well
  3. I can only presume the horn doesn't work either (or anything else based on the battery)?

    Have you gone riding for a distance? It takes a little while for the battery to be fully recharged. Push start and ride it (idling does not charge the battery well). Alternatively try out a battery charger to see if it is the battery that is dead, or if it just isn't recharging properly.

    If the latter then there may be problems with the alternator or related parts (e.g. regulator/rectifier). A voltage meter is handy here - when the battery is sitting without bike running it should read ~12 volts. When you rev the bike (while in neutral) while running it should read between 12.5-14 volts. If you are not getting this then it would seem that there is something wrong with the charging system.

    And the simplest thing to do (as Glen said) is check the terminals and other connections.
  4. Ah ok, yeah the bike runs and starts fine, it's just the indicators don't work at all and the instrument lights, eg. the neutral light, don't work too well, they're kind of dim. The horn works fine, so from what you guys have suggested I'd say it's something alternator related. Thanks.