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Electrical problems, Kwaka z250c

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pat260z250c, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Hi, so i just got this bike from a friend and it has an electrical fault. i am completely new to working on bikes and almost as inexperienced with electronics too. The story i was told was that my friend connected the battery up in reverse and cooked out some of the wiring (Could it be possible that this bike has a positive ground? i connected the negative side to the grounded terminal and am to afraid to try it in reverse, lol) so anyway, i've disconnected the back end of the wiring loom from the battery, tail lights, regulator etc and separated the wires to inspect and found that one wire had burnt out (running between the regulator and some other component on what appears to be the positive terminal) i replaced the wire and reconected the battery negative to earth, regulator side and the wire started cooking again, no power to ignition or anything... i have attached images (if they work?) of the said wire so any help or suggestions would be appreciated! ](*,)



  2. The Wiring Diagram (in German the only one I could find) says no it is a standard Negative Ground battery connection.

    The regulator is probably cooked from the original battery reversal. Disconnect it and reconnect everything else and see if the fault goes away. It is 95% likely you will be up for a new regulator.

    The CDI should have survived the battery reversal, but it is also possible it has gone, less likely though.

    PS: Your thread went to Auto moderation because you have too few posts to post up pictures. I have approved it now, that is why there was a delay in it being seen.
  3. Thanks Chris, it warned me that i needed moderator approval so no worries. ok so i will attempt to bypass the regulator and see what happens, if this is the fault then that's not so bad, can pick up a new one for about 100 bucks. Before this electronic incident the bike had been running well so fingers crossed...
  4. The wiring on bikes of this era is really pretty simple. I agree that it's most likely a cooked rec/reg as they weren't exactly robust in normal use 30 years ago so a battery reversal won't have helped. Also check whatever fuses you can find. There probably aren't many :D.

    As noted by Chris, you might have fried the CDI but I'd regard it as unlikely. Sort the rec/reg, then worry about it if it doesn't work.

    Incidentally, check a wiring diagram to ensure that the offending wire should actually be there, and check where it goes and that there isn't a dead short to earth through whatever component its feeding or through a break in the insulation somewhere. I can't remember if Kawasaki used a permanent magnet alternator or one with battery excited field coils. If the latter, the wiring between the regulator and the alternator could well be hot at all times and if it's pinched or chafing anywhere the result would be a short and a cooked wire.
  5. Looks like single phase permanent magnet type Pat. The Lichtsmaschine or Light Machine from the German diagram :) You have to love that German plain speaking.
  6. cool thanks guys, yeah the alternator was fixed up whilst the bike was running and yeah was the magnet type. yeah nice translation there mate :) will get onto that reg asap then
  7. Finally got a replacement reg/rec at a cheap price! haven't had a proper play with it yet but from holding the battery terminals in place by hand (lol) i was able to get head light and indicators and the wire isn't cooking anymore. seems like a good sign, not sure if it'll start yet but will put it all back together once i finish my last uni exam tomorrow :)
  8. Ok, Good luck with the exam, and the bike. :)