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Electrical Problem?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ametha elf, May 14, 2012.

  1. Four weeks ago I got a new Stator for my XV1100, and have had no problems since then, until yesterday. :( I was out having a great ride when on the homeward bound stretch I started her up, and there was only a "click click click". Hubby clutch started her and I thought all was fine for a couple of kilometres, then she started coughing and spluttering and losing power, then just died.....:( Thanks to the RACQ I got a tow back home (but there really isn't anything worse than having a broken down bike by the side of the road when everyone else is riding past on bikes that are going!) My mechanic will see what's wrong but we cant get her transported down 'til maybe tomorrow so its going to be a long wait. At the time of getting the new stator, both the regulator and battery were checked over and given the thumbs up, so hopefully its the stator and hopefully its got a warranty. Any ideas other than this?

  2. Battery may have been ok before, but how old is it??

    Also check starter relay and starter motor whilst your there....
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  3. +1 to Grange, the original poor stator, high discharge cycles and subsequent high charge rates with the replaced stator may have just been too much for an old battery.
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  4. Turns out it was the Stator again. I was told 1 in 1000 stators fail in the first few weeks, looks like I was that One. It was under warranty, and I might even have her back by the weekend, thanks to Quality Bike Repairs at Lawnton, I can highly recommend them :)
  5. Well sometimes the low probability event occurs :) Glad you will be back on the road soon.
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