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electrical problem, won't turn on.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by shady_knife, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. bike is a 06 zx-6r
    went for a ride down the great ocean road yesterday, all was fine. stopped to take a few photo's, went to start the bike up, put the key in, turned it and the HUD lit up, tried to start the bike, nothing, no sound. nothing happened at all. then the screen turned off..... and wouldn't turn back on. its not the battery either, its working fine. any ideas what it could be? i checked the fuses.... not much of an electrician... if the little bit of metal inside the fuse is still intact, that means its working fine, correct?

    just want a possible diagnostic, looks like the bike will be out of action until the 4th of Jan, which sucks.


    thats where the bike broke down... :(

  2. I could think of uglier places to stop....

    I just had the same problem with the Hornet, turns out it was the main fuse, which the guy said was down near the solenoid, but I doubt that bit of info helps you......
  3. posted the problem on another forum, they said it might the relays.... anyone know where the relays are on this bike? no workshop/owners manual i'm afraid.


  4. Have you checked the green 30 amp fuse in the first picture with a multimeter? The one on the right. Exactly how do you know the battery is fine? Try with a known good battery before you go too much further. Could also be something as simple as a crook/dirty/loose connection on the battery terminals or a dirty earth to the frame or engine somewhere.
  5. yeah checked that 30 fuse, seemed okay as well.

    guess i'll just have to wait until the 4th to put it into the shop.

  6. Did the screen turn off after you hit the starter?

    If so, I'm pretty confident it's a terminal connection problem.
  7. things id check ...

    kill switch

    then id check the battery + terminals. could be your bikes not charging it and its gone flat.

    failing that..
    then id check all the connectors around the headstock area, take them apart check for corrosion and give them all a little spray with wd40.
  8. i think so... can't remember exactly.... either way, out of my league, will just wait.
  9. Take the battery cables off. Clean them & the battery connection then try again. Easy enough to do.
  10. aren't you guys listening; he WANTS to stay there? :LOL: :bolt: :LOL:
  11. So what was the problem?
  12. He's still there Roarin ;)
  13. He realised this is a useless forum to get electrical advise,enrolled at the Geelong Tafe,is living on the beach at Anglesea and life is good.
  14. ha, sorry lads.

    battery dropped a cell apparently.

    i was so sure it wasn't the battery too! oh well.
  15. I vote dirty battery terminals too. Really easy to fix but can cause some big problems!

    Other than that it's a bad earth somewhere or the battery has cracked a plate inside which means it will still light things up but under load will just fail.
  16. Did you even bother to read the post above yours?
    He SAID it was a faulty battery.