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electrical problem, help please

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by roundabout, May 16, 2005.

  1. ok, the tail light, brake light, indicators, indicator dummy light on the instrument panel and horn are not working.

    I’ve tried standing around looking at the bike, still doesn’t work.

    I took the seat off, no luck, checked the fuses, all ok.

    Stood around for a bit longer looking at the bike and pointing to various bits, looking very much like I knew what I was doing, still nothing works.

    Took some of the rear fairing off, didn’t seem to be related to the electrical problem but allowed me to get my tools out and looked very impressive.

    I have even stood looking at it with a beer in my greasy hand, even this failed to get the lights working. Can anyone assist?

    I suspect it’s a relay but don’t know which one it would be, if its this at all. Oh yeh, the bike is, wait for it vic, a triumph tt600

    Thanks muchly
  2. Why dont you take it to those highly skilled, pleasant to deal with, low labour rate, customer focused experts at Peter Stevens.

    PS. I've had 17 lime flavoured UDL's for breky this morning so I may not be making much sence at the moment!
  3. Have another look at the fuses.

    If it isn't the fuse, its either the power supply to the fuse or an earth connection somewhere.

    What sort of bike?

    got a manual?
  4. There goes UDL number 18
  5. Remember the old saying 'when you have eliminated all possible answers, consider the impossible'.

    Which would lead one to believe that your electrics are in fact working but all your bulbs have spontaneously blown.
  6. pssssssttttttt..........number 19
  7. so maybe my mistake was only one beer, will remedy that tonight, but i suspect i'll only end up a drunken fool without working electrics

    is a triumph tt600, don't have a manual.

    might just have to talk to stevens and co
  8. Do you have a multimeter or can get a hold of one? Sometimes fuses look intact when they're failed. Chances are that it's just that, given that other bits aren't working either.

    Or get another fuse and replace it regardless and see if that does fix the problem.

    Of course, if it blows again, then you have a wiring problem.

    A relay is a switching device designed to switch high current load with a low current control circuit. eg: starter motors, headlights, etc. I doubt that a relay would be used to drive things like brake lights and a horn, particularly as it can only switch one item or a group of items.
  9. Can I suggest that you point the finger at your battery as it sounds like it's died a death.

    If it's not the battery or the fuses that it will prob be its electronic 'brain' which unfortunately will be mega $$$.
  10. i checked the fuses with a multimeter, tested ok. had some strange readins when checking the actual connections to the brake light. all other electrics are fine (headlight, high beam, neutral light, speedo/tacho). battery was only new last year (guess that doesn't really mean much).

    could it be that everything that isn't working is on the same circuit and that something is wrong with that?
  11. I agree, sounds like a fuse. Either that or a wire has come loose somewhere (I'd look at the wiring to the ignition near the headstock first, but a manual would be very helpful so that you know what wires you should be looking at).
    Can't understand why idiot/ brake lights would be fed via a relay (especially brake lights).
  12. Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any competent auto electrician should be able to sort it out.

  13. just checked on a tt600 forum, someone else had the same problems. turned out to be a relay. will have to get on to ps and get a new one.

    thanks for help everyone, esp monkey nuts, just knowing you're getting boozed while i sit at works really helps
  14. Test your relay before buying a new one. It doesn't have to be a relay just because somebody had the same problem. lights and indicators???????? I can't see why would lights and indicators have a common relay. But if your relay solves the problem, even better for you eh? :D
  15. I'm off to the bottle shop
  16. will do, good suggestion

    except its $118 from ps for the relay
  17. :shock: What is it what that relay?? Is it gold and diamond plated with platinum housing??? $100+ for a relay????????? Does that relay mow the lawn? Does it go shopping??? If it doesn't and it only does switching, it's too bloody expensive!!!!!!!!! I'll gladly help you, but without looking at the "royal" relay, I'm affraid I can't do much more.
  18. $118. My god thats nearly 50 lime flavoured UDL's
  19. You are on the money son.............or on.....UDL........... :D
  20. If it's the main ignition relay that powers up everything then it could be a relay problem.

    If you can locate said relay put a finger on it and turn the ignition on and off and you should feel it clicking in and out.

    If it does click then look at the connection from the battery to it and then from it to the accesories for the break in the wire or something as simple as a terminal that has come undone.

    If it doesn't click then look at the wiring from the ignition switch to the relay and so on.

    $118 sounds a bit much when you can buy them for less than $10 for cars but it depends on what it does.