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Electrical Problem,, CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sweeris, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. I have a problem which seemed to start last Thurs. On Thurs I started my bike normally and I felt that the battery wasnt as charged up as it used to be. Then on friday the battery power was abit lower but it still starts. Until on Saturday. I was about to head to work in the morning. The battery was flat that I couldnt start it. I had to push start it. It was all ok as it started in one go from cold...

    After I got to work. I turned off the engine and then just hit the started button to see if the battery was charged. It didnt seemed like it was charged.

    In the afternoon evening I went out for a ride with another NR(everytime I turn off the engine I still have to push start it). Then half-way travelling somewhere, I was about to turn right at an intersection I had my indacator on and saw the indacator light was flashing very dim and irregular and the engine was running abit below its normal idle. With out knowing and from curiousity I hit the high beam button and the engine just cut out including all electrics like I just turned off the ignition. So I pushed her to the side of the road and tried to push start it. I had no luck like it had no spark(the lights was still out). So went grab something to eat and came back after 30min then I tried again . The lights came back on and she also started when I pushed started so I rode home.

    Before heading out I set the idle to be abit higher just incase it cuts out again. I got home ok.

    Today I went out ok but still had to push start it but it still stalls at idle when I use all lights or lots of electricals. Still cuts out when I use high beam...

    So I am wondering what could be wrong with my bike?
  2. battery
    just learn to charge the dam thing go to super cheap and get a charger.

    Just guna repaeat that is the battery not some other weird fault.
  3. But this just happen in just a few days and it just gave up... I thought that if it was the battery it would show signs long before its dead... Before all this happened the battery was still good.

    How do you know its just the battery??
  4. easy i just told u by the symptoms u described.

    U can go buy a multimeter for 30 dollars and check and make sure its the battery


    U can go buy a charger for 30 dollars and recharge your battery. Depending on it age u might need a new one. They only last a few years.
  5. Just following up,,, Its the regulator. It was blown... and melted away the plastic plug as well. The battery was fine. So changed over the regulartor and plug and she's running fine again....

    I kinda had an idea it was the regulator. Since the battery was in very good condition before thursday...