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Electrical Prob SV650 in wet

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by tigerspew, May 31, 2011.

  1. #1 tigerspew, May 31, 2011
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    Hey guys,

    Got myself an electrical problem with my sv650 2006 that I picked up a month ago.

    It only occurs in the rain, had a bit of it in melbourne a week ago and only just noticed it. In the wet, the right indicator light on the dash is illuminated slightly, but not as bright as when I activate the indicator. When I pull in the clutch lever, the light goes out. When I let go of the clutch lever the light comes back on, but again, not as bright as when the right indicator is activated.

    Heres a video of what happens. Explanation of what im doing at different times below


    @ 4-5 sec left indicator activated.

    @ 10 sec left indicator off

    @ 12 sec right indicator on

    @ 16 sec right indicator off

    @ 18 sec pull in clutch lever, causes light to go out

    @ 22 sec release clutch lever light back on,

    the rest of the time im pulling the clutch lever in and then releasing showing the light going on and off.

    There are LED indicators installed, which is why the indicators flash so fast. This happens in the dry as well, so I know why they flash so fast.

    It does look like a bit of a dodgy install though, after purchase i noticed that where the wires stick out from the indicator and run towards the chasis / bodywork the wires are unprotected from the elements. I suspect water could be interfering at these areas, but it doesnt explain why the operation of the clutch makes the light go out?
  2. What happens when you put the side stand down? Sounds like a silly question I know but the clutch switch and the side stand put grounds into various parts of the wiring and may help you narrow it down. Floating earth problems like this can be a bugger to find.

    I would start with what you know it happens when it is wet and the blinkers have dodgy wiring, clean those up first with solid connections and heat shrink tubing to waterproof.

  3. Bad earth
  4. Hey.

    Side stand was down the whole time during that video. Tubing for the wiring is my next stop. Investigation of the wiring found that where the original wiring was split and connected to the new indicators, the exposed wiring join is being held together with white electrical tape. Hmmmmm. Might look into fixing that first.
  5. Thanks for the wiring schematic too. Should come in very handy