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Electrical Issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Devery, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have a few things I need to sort out on my bike and if I could get some advice that would be great. I'll try post as much detail as I can.

    My bike is a 1973 CZ 175cc type 477.

    What's been happening:

    About a week ago I took my bike out after dark for the first time and when I put on the lights the bike started to play up. It was like the battery would cut in and out (my bike does need a battery to run even while running) and what I imagine is happening is there is no current supplied to the spark plug. I can turn off the lights and it runs just fine. I've also had problems with the indicators and the break light...

    Then battery was run flat (someone left the key in the ignition) so I needed a new one. The new battery had enough charge to get it started and run around, but I think I never ran it enough for the battery to recharge. So Matt was kind enough to house my bike and take me to get a charger, thanks Matt :p. After we charged the battery the bike started well and the electronics worked well also. When riding my bike home, about 20mins into the ride it started to cut in and out again (I had lights on as it was raining). Matt also noted, even though my charger turns off and says when its fully charged, after a full nights charge it didn't say it was "fully charged"

    I was told by multiple people to check the globe to see if it was the right wattage. So I checked it yesterday and it was the right globe and it hadn't blown. But when I put it back together the main headlight didn't work at all. And then while I was trying to get the globe to work, I think i flattened the battery? It wouldn't kick over but when I hooked up a 6V battery from a torch it started up. But I noticed that the electronics were still playing up (suggesting its not my battery but more to do with the wiring?).

    Then I took out my battery to charge it and I noticed on the negative point on the battery was like a brown rust! and on the screw also. I hooked it up to the charger and it didn't register as charging until about 20mins of leaving it connected. Is this a major issue? Does it point to my problem? Is there a wiring issue?

    I am confident if I can get this wiring sorted, or what ever the problem is, the bike will run well. I am going to get an electrician to look at it tonight to see if it's a simple problem and if they can't sort it out I'll have to take it to an auto electrician.

    Anyones help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for your time.[/i]
  2. Time to become an expert in CZ electronics, and get yourself a multimeter.

    One problem we found was that though the battery connections were newly clean and tight, moving the wire made a break in the connection (it seemed to me the connection and not a fault in the wire). We mega-tightened it and it was much better, but not great as it should have been. This was one cause of the bike cutting out. Can anybody suggest something to rub, coat etc on the connections to improve the electrical connection itself.

    That brown rust - oxidisation? Why?
  3. I haven't had a problem with that connection since, Matt. And I can tell because it was cutting out on us when the lights were off. My bike is operating fine until I put the lights on. This is what has puzzled me.
  4. I put in my battery after charging it for about 18 hours or so and everything works except the main headlight and the break light.

    I haven't been able to try the bike running with the lights on... So not sure how much the battery has to do with it.
  5. Are the wiring loom connectors corroded? There is some stuff you can spray on em to remove light corrosion... You might also have a few bad earths.

    My approach would be to get the bike running, put multi-meter on battery and see if it is charging.

    Does the battery run down with the bike off? If you have a grunty enough ammeter you might be able to connect it in series with battery (engine off) and then pull fuses until you find a culprit.

    Hope it helps, Steve
  6. Yeah, we pulled out the multimeter and tested the battery, which was almost dead at the time, and was charging fine when the bike was running. Ammeter sounds like a good idea...
  7. Ok good news. Amazing how ones frame of mind can help.

    I had a look at that break light cable and it had been broken off clean. I connected them back up again and played with the actual break end and I was able to get that working no worries.

    For the headlight... I found that one of the points was failing to connect to the actual globe. So I taped it down so it was touching and the light turned on. Then I rode it around for a bit with the lights on and it worked well. Then I rode it into the city. And it must have come loose. But I turned off the bike for a bit and it was fine getting home and then I reconnected it... We'll see how it goes tonight.