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Electrical Issue - GPS charger

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MadAzz300, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. My charger for the Strike GPS melted on the positive pins in the cradle. I haven't had any drama til Monday past when the unit seemed to short out and turn off (still works tho).


    Curious if this is caused by the earth not being correctly set?

    I don't know if it's my paranoia or not, but I feel a tingle in my hands when riding now - like static electricity.

    I can't get into the mechanic till Friday, so I'm hoping one of ya would know if this will cause other issues with my bikes electrical components?
  2. take the fuse out .
    I don't understand the picture so I cant comment further...
  3. The cradle is hard wired to my bike and all the pins should look like the 3 on the right (negative side).
  4. Sounds like its shorting out, probably best to do as phil says till you can get it checked, it wont eletrocute you but if you re getting some tingling through the bars that can be distracting.
  5. So where would I find said fuse @phil01 ? Near the battery?
  6. Start at the battery and work forward probably in the line if it's direct hook up. if via a relay check the relay maybe.
  7. Will do in the morning @Mcsenna thanks for your help (y)

    For you
  8. No probs, just make sure it's disconnected. If it as wired correctly it should have a fuse, I would have thought that should have blown if there was a short somewhere, not melt your cradle contacts.
    Don't want you burning up now.
  9. Looks like its been arcing to me. A bad/dirty contact can cause this, I'm not sure you can fix this without changing the burnt out terminals.
  10. Couldn't you test this by riding without the GPS unit in the cradle and seeing if still getting the finger tingling.

    Also if it is shorting at the connectors removing it will stop it coz wouldn't it be bad for your electrics to keep riding it while its shorting ?
  11. That's what I'm worried about but I can't get the fairings off to disconnect it fully. I got the same issue with or without the unit on.
  12. How come you can't get the fairings off ? Dont they just have screws retaining them like hex heads or similar ?
  13. yeah.. I got the bottom one off, but I ran out of daylight to do the rest- the one near the tank, the outer, inner - a couple hours for me to try and do on my own. and Im scared of breaking the clips too.

    I'll try to bail from work at a reasonable hour tomorrow and get to the mechanics.
  14. arcing is caused when you don't have full contact, the current will jump across the terminals and create heat. I have no idea why your fingers tingle, your bike should be the earth back to the battery, once the current hits the frame, engine etc its earthed, the area is to big and battery to small to give you tingles, your body would need to between the exposed wires and the earth for you to feel anything.
  15. @Wascal what about if there was some issue with alternator/regulator etc ? The alternator puts out a fair bit of current before it's cut down by the regulator doesn't it ?
  16. Basically if the fuses didn't blow you would start frying shit. If you got so much current going to earth if gives you tingles look for smoke :) that's probably your short right the there.

    Some of the clues in the original post, like it turned off but come back on again, bad contacts or a bad earth on the unit? if the unit was down to earth it would blow a fuse (its is protected by a fuse isn't it ?) or wouldn't work at all, and the picture its self point to a bad contacts to me, the other 3 pins he says are the negative or earth pins, why aren't they burnt? if it had high current flow wouldn't all the pins be burnt? or unit be burnt out? the unit stills works yeah?
  17. Ok.. Strike has sorted the issue for me. This whole time I thought it was the charger, so I only replaced the cradle. Turns out it was a failure in the inverter/converter whatever thing that takes the 12v and makes it 5v. Power surge.
    Awesome company as they will be refunding me the cost of the original and replacement cradle and sending me out a new one FOC. I'll replace the lot this time.

    Thanks for everyones insight on the issue (y)
  18. She's a lady, mate.
  19. Lady? That's Debatable :p;)
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  20. oops... sorry, still feeling my way around here
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