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electrical fault causing stalling on gpx250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by davesta, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. hey all, my gpx has some quirks, but this one is annoying. When it is fully warmed up (ie has been ridden for 20+ minutes and usually hard or fast) it coughs then eventually stalls when idling when too many electrical things are on at once. It usually only happens when sitting idling for at least a couple of mintues. For example, sitting idling, when hot, could have the fan running and lights on and it'll be fine, but as soon as i put the indicator on it'll start coughing and will then stall pretty quickly. Same situation, but with the lights turned off and indicator on it would be fine. If i keep the revs at 2 grand or so its fine, but its annoying sitting there in traffic having to keep the revs up if the indicators are on or whatever. I don't have a multimeter so havent been able to check battery voltage but might be able to dig one up, battery seems fine tho. SOrry this is a bit long, hopefully makes sense, thanks in advance

  2. turn up the idle screw just a touch.
    the alternator sucks horses from your motor and maybe with everything on it is enough to stall it.
    every electrical item applies more load.

    or just put it in for a proper tune up, they should set it right ;)
  3. From what you are describing it sounds like the alternator may be failing, ie have a short in once of the turns and therefore may not be generating required electrical power.
  4. Check your idle.
    Mine was idling around 1000rpm’s before I put it in for a service.

    When I got it back it is now at 2000rpm’s.
    When I queried it, I was told that this is Kawasaki’s spec’s.
    It allows the oil to flow properly, and also for the alternator.
  5. yeah, iwill just bump the idle speedup a tad, its at about 1500 now, but will put it up to 2000, its not like i spend that much time in traffic anyway...
  6. It's hard to believe 2000rpm is right.

    The GPX is just not that highly strung.

    1000 is low. I would have thought 1100-1500 would be the range.

    If it's still stalling at 1500, then I'd say it needs a carb clean and balance.
  7. yeah, i idle mine 12-1500... it surely doesn't need to be 2k? it wouldn't hurt it but 1500 sounds healthy and right at idle
  8. If the tail lights of a gpx250 that normally work all of a sudden stop working would you say it is a fuse, wire or globe related fault or a mix? What should I check for to get it working again?
  9. globe. Might have blown the fuse on the way out. Only after you've checked them would you look at wiring.
  10. Thanks, taking the bike back to where the road worthy cert was done for them to fix but may be a recurring issue, good to know for future.
  11. Rec/Reg, check that that the battery is charging when the bike is running, battery voltage should jump up 2-5 volts when running...