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Electrical assistance

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by HB, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. I just got a waterproof motorcycle gps unit that I want to be able to connect up to the bike's battery so I don't have to worry about it going flat when I am out riding. I want to do more overnight trips so it will be getting used for full days travelling in unfamiliar areas.

    I currently have heated grips hard wired into my ignition switch. I also have a trickle charger and I leave the ring terminals permanently connected to the battery with a connector (with waterproof cover) just hanging out from under my seat.

    The gps unit came with an cable that connects to the gps, has an inline fuse (or DC adaptor?), and an end line that is meant to be wired into the bike electrics.

    I was hoping that someone knows if it is possible to get a connector that could I could put on the end line of the gps cable so I could use the cable already connected to the battery. The attached picture shows the connector I am talking about at the top and the bottom shows the gps cable with the end line.

    My other option would be to add an addition cable to the battery via terminal rings with an in line fuse and maybe just a mini usb plug on the other end. The gps has a mini usb socket that can be used for charging or connecting to a PC to download a personalised route map.


    My bike is only a 250, so not sure whether it is possible to connect too much.
  2. Try somewhere like jaycar
  3. Either that or you could whack in a relay under your seat and hook the gps up to that wired into your lighting circuit, so that when you switch off your bike the gps stops charging.

    What gps did you get btw?
  4. I have a similar set up. PM me for more info.
  5. Yeah I'm trying to avoid wiring it to the bike, as I am considering changing my bike. Can't make up my mind on this though.

    It was a present from my daughter (uni student) so it's wasn't a particularly expensive one. It never came with the software, but she has loaded 2 different programs onto it, with all the map files and Aussie spoken instructions, which are available via bluetooth. The route planner that she has also put onto it, means I can plot a route on my desktop and then just load it onto the gps to select when I'm ready to ride. It also has fuel consumption & trip recording details, how long I was riding, how long I stopped, what my average speed & fastest speed was etc.

    It can also record a journey where I was following someone else and then I can go home and look at it on the desktop. Any route can also be amended on the unit itself whilst out riding.

    I tested it out yesterday in the car (it also has a holder for the car, with cigarette lighter charger as well) and it actually could recalculate when I purposely went off course faster than my car gps.

    The brand was a peaklife and came with handlebar mount that has a very good range of adjustment, and unlike some phone mounts I looked at doesn't block my speedo or indicator lights.
  6. Yay, good on you HB, l really need to get one too, cause we all know how bad l am at directions. I couldn't even get us to Caz's and lve only been going there for 10 years lol!
  7. I'm okay with roads and areas I know. I'm fine down here, further west, up north and East to the Dandenongs, but around the South East, I have been known to end up in Hastings going to Mornington. :p

    It's one of those things, I've thought of getting, but never actually got around to it. I hope to load a route onto it for getting home from the Black Dog Ride, so we will see how that works out. :D

    I hope to test it this weekend on the bike, but just around the Otways.
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  8. Thanks Chris, that certainly looks the goods.
  9. Are you sure it can measure that high?
  10. ha ha....still on that old chestnut. considering you were in front except for when womble and i sped off after the hat bombing incident.:p
  11. Update - all working.

    I ended up getting a twin pack of connectors - a piece of wiring about 20cm long with an SAE connector at each end from Jaycar. Cut it in half, stripped the covering and used a connector butt over the join & crimped it. I've covered over the top of this with electrical tape.

    I tested it out today and it worked perfectly. The gps unit had a full charge when I got home, despite having it switched on the whole trip. The gps itself was terrific. I normally have a bit of vibrating problem with my mirrors, but the gps never vibrated at all, and was very easy to see and follow.

    I also had my heated grips on for most of the trip as well and they were not affected by the gps.
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  12. Well done HB (and Chris).