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Electric (Zero) bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mendosi, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Can't find any threads except for launch announcements or news links.

    Does anyone here own an electric motorbike, especially one of the Zero bikes?

    Interested to hear some real world opinions.
  2. I genuinely want to try one, but several calls and emails to the local agent have gone begging.

    Zero just made some deal with the American MSF. Things are looking up for zero U.S.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  3. first 3 finally made it past the 100mph at the end this time round on isle of man today...quite impressive how their coming along
  4. Gasgas in ringwood have a couple of em. Quite unnerving when they pull up at the lights, and there is total silence!
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  5. saw one parked at uni, motard style. Looked pretty cool, would be a good commuter i guess, quite narrow and easy to filter, and would be almost free to run. Not sure i would pay a lot for it though. The fact it runs silent is a bit of a concern, but im sure it would not make a massive difference, my last bike was very quiet and i didnt get run over every day.
  6. Yes, the upfront cost is not negligible.

    At the moment I spend about 11Km of my commute between 80 - 100 Km/h (when flowing) and I understand the battery drains much faster at high speed. It would be a shame to be in a situation where having enough juice to get home was a roll of the dice.

    But the technology is so interesting!
  7. Yeah; the power needed to push the rider 'n the bike along increases by a power of 3 (e.g. speed cubed) as they go faster, regardless of whether it's petrol or electric.

    So for stop-start traffic in 50-60kph zones the range on the new Zero S is something like 180km - not bad! The bike tries to re-generate some of the braking energy back into electrical energy each time the bike slows down or stops, too. At 50kph there's not a whole lot of wind resistance and so most of the energy is just in accelerating the bike to 50-60kph and much of that can be recovered when the bike slows down.

    Cruise along on the freeway at about 100kph and the range is more like 100km total - LOTS of energy (about 8x more than at 50kph) being pissed away just moving the air around the bike. Energy that can never be gotten back.
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  8. Whack a turbine propellor on the back?
  9. In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!
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