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Electric Starter

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys :)

    Just recently I've been having some trouble starting the bike on occasion...basically thr electric start just doesn't work, switch off the kill switch and key, switch it back on, off, on then finally works :?:

    Is fine for a few days then same thing.

    Loose wire maybe?
  2. Either a dodgy connection or the solenoid is on its way out.
  3. i'm gonna be a total arsehole and not help at all and say


  4. Thats ok pt. Tell you what, why don't you come along to one of our Hapkido classes, also made in Korea, then you can give me your opinion on that too ;)
  5. strangely the headlight doesn't actually come on until the bike is started, but all the dash lights do so I think its a circuit problem.

    any ideas how much this will cost to fix via a bike shop?
  6. Warranty?
  7. Sounds like a connector problem, lots of places to look try;
    kill switch
    key block
    side stand switch
    clutch lever idiot switch (hate those things)
    battery terminals
    earth strap
    loose fuses (really happened to me once)

    You can spend plenty of time tracking these things down but its not too complex once you know where to look
  8. If it was a old Suzi it would be Battery (Rectifier pack and most of the charging cuircuit dead)
    And if these parts had been replaced by say the rectifier pack of a V4 Honda. Then it would be a loose fuse or dead, (or the wires have fallen off) the solenoid.

    If it was a honda.. it would mean you had left the parkers on AGAIN
    If it was a Duke it would mean the spagetti had stopped conducting electrickery.. (possible sign of a weather change)

    COuld probably think of some others if i tried
  9. No warranty, the bike is 2 years old...

    Ok just went for a ride and this is happening everytime now so something is definately up. What I have noticed is that if I hold the starter switch in for about 5 or 6 seconds it will start everytime, but it won't fire straight away at any time now.

    I'm going to call the bike shop tomorrow, but does this sound like the solanoid or a loose connection?
  10. when you push the starter in does it crank straight away and take its time firing.. Does it take a few seconds and then start cranking? Is there a click (or a series of them before it cranks)?
    EXACTLY what happens when you try and start it.. every thing you do.. every thing it does.. every noise it makes. We need more information :)
  11. push the starter in.....no sound, nothing.

    Hold it in and 5 seconds later it cranks and starts.
  12. Kurt: I read somewhere about the hyosungs having a dodgy switch. Sorry I don't have any more info, it may have just been the indicator switch for all I remember, but if flicking the kill switch on and off solves it, that's where I'd be focusing my attention. I'd try to bypass it and see if the problem still occurs, if it doesn't, there's your culprit.

    If it is the switch, you may be able to pry it apart and clean/bend the contacts, but a new switch (or permanent bypass if you like living on the edge :)) will probably be the best solution.

  13. Yeah thats a dodgy switch or connector for sure.

    Fix no 1 spray inside the starter kill switchblock and all around the solenoid with something like wd40.. Wait a bit .. then try and see if its any better.

    If it doesnt work go to fix no 2 which involves tools
  14. Ohhh and the fusebox. Pull out the appropriote fuse.. and spray it
  15. Nup. That'd be Hyosung taking a page from the wise book of Kawasaki. When you first turn the key, the headlight circuit stays open until the starter is prodded and released, so the battery doesn't have to unnecessarily power the headlight at the same time as the starter motor.

    Depends on what the prob is, really. From memory, Hyosung switchgear is the same as on 96-99 Suzukis... that isn't known for beig overly dodgy.

    When you say there's nothing when you hit the starter button, do you mean literally nothing, or do you hear a little click from somewhere under the seat or thereabouts?
  16. I just went and tried it again to check and it started first time instantly :roll:

    but from memory there was no sound at all, definately not a clicking noise like it trying to start.