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Electric start lawn mowers.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. I've decided it's about time I had an electric start lawnmower, since I am tired of struggling with my current Rover mower every time I need to mow the lawns.
    I'm after advice, what brands make an electric start model? I know Honda do, however, I'd like to have some options to choose from.
    Can any of you out there in Netrider land give me some info to research, while I have a few days off work?

    Thanks in advance. :)

  2. http://www.hondampe.com.au/reposito...lawnmowers/domestic/HRU19D1/introduction.aspx

    Anything by Honda is good. Not electric start but just as easy with their funky voodoo magic one pull start system thing.

    Also, look up 'Bushranger' mowers, although they are more commercial type applications.

    Avoid newer Briggs and Stratton engines now. They've lost their mojo.

    My girlfriends dad is a lawn mower dude by trade and they all swear by Honda mowers.

  3. Most brands these days have an electric start model in their ranges,
    Honda / Toro / John Deer being leaders though, but your not going to get much change out of $1200.00 for a good one.
    So many different variations to ponder as well, 18 to 22inch cut , elec / pull start, alloy / steel deck, B&S, tucumpsie, Honda engines from 3.5 to 6hp engines, just to name a few.
    It all depends on how much and what you want to mow and the service life you want, naturally the cheaper ones don't last as long, but you can get three good cheapies over the life span of one good one for around the same outlay, just not all at once.

    I'd do a big shop around a few reputable mower shops and find what you want 1st, as Fec said the old pull start systems have improved a lot over the past few years.

    Then knowing what you want, go have a look in Bunnings.. A few weeks ago I updated my mower to a 22" self propelled Toro.
    The recommended retail was $1185 but through Bunnings .. only $825 !!
    It's a pull start but the effort to pull the cord is less than what it takes on the whipper snipper.

    Then not long after I got the new mower, Big W had a 18" 5hp self propelled on sale for $375 !! ](*,) :LOL:

    I was lucky having worked in a tractor / mower dealer ship for ten years many moons ago and again not so long ago. So I had a good base knowledge of what I wanted before I even started looking

    Good luck in your search Caz (y)

    Just bear in mind most but not all salesmen will gladly tell you whats wrong with the competitors brands, but wont tell you that the competitor comes of the same assembly line with only a different colour and stickers!

    Pope / Viking [ Stihl ] to name a couple of the top of my head .
  4. No help for the OP, but I'd love to see a (self-propelled?) mower with one of these powering it. I reckon the weight of the air cylinder + the engine would not be much more than a petrol motor + tank. Instant on/off, no noise and no fumes.

    Obviously you'd need a decent compressor to fill it...

  5. Cav- what budget did you have in mind?... I'm a contractor and I don't think you need an electric start.... a Honda "Buffalo" will start first time everytime at about $800 smackroo's and if can cut it before it gets to long get a Mulch'N'Mow Model HRU 196D comes with a bit you take off the catcher & slide in the "PLUG" and you mulch the lawn nothing to catch.

    You have a key start motorcycle "Keep that as your toy!" key start mowers are over rated, just my opinion!

    Caz, PM me should you need any advice i can send you in the right direction of a retailer as Netrider has helped me heaps!!
  6. Thanks for your thoughts guys, somehow I knew that a Honda was going to be what I'd end up with. It's a pity Yamaha don't make mowers, I'd get staff discount. :p
  7. Honda. Several years of professional usage of well shagged rental mowers convinced me that their utility engines are the best around. Even completely knackered, abused and neglected examples always went first or second pull.

    I wouldn't touch anything by Briggs & Scrapem. IMHO they never had any mojo to begin with, having had unpleasant experiences with a wide range of their products spanning almost 40 years.

    No idea about the current generation of Chinese Honda knock offs.
  8. Whatever happened to the old wind up start mowers of days gone by.
  9. My buffalo is twenty years old this year, still start on first pull, never been rebuilt or any repairs bar servicing