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Electric shavers vs conventional razors

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Been thinking of getting an electrical shaver but have never had any sort of experience with them except for seeing Danny de Vito using one in Twins :).

    Just want to know pros and cons for both.

  2. Easier to use, quicker. No cream or mess, etc.
    Not as close a shave. Not as good for your skin.

    They need new blades (and unless it's an expensive razor, you'll probably just replace the whole shaver) every couple of years [depending on your facial hair] - which is an expense one should plan for.

    In short: they're great when they're new. They suck when they are a bit old and blunt - tending to 'pull' hair out, rather than cut it.

    I use them because I'm lazy.
    Have had cheap Philips ones in the past (3 circular razor design). Now have a spensive Panasonic bar razor I treated myself to last Xmas. It was awesome when it was new: best I've used.
    It's outlasted any Philips one for quality... but it was 5 times the price. I'm not sure if it will last 5 times as long (unless I can buy replacement blades for the Panasonic at a reasonable price). We'll see.
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    I've never been able to get as close a shave with an electric, but i also refuse to pay more than $300 for one.

    On the upside, electric is great for laziness in the mornings. 30 seconds and I'm looking presentable for work.

  4. I only use a razor...being Asian and not being able to grow facial hair has it's pros...just need to buy one Mach5 a year and I'm set. I guess if I was to buy an electric shaver...it'll be a once in a life time purchase...hahaha

    EDIT:...I have used an electric before, however I like a close shave...razor for me :)
  5. I've used both, so I'll let you know what I can think of...

    Less likely to result in shaving rash for some people.
    Don't need a sink full of water.
    Can do it without needing to take your shirt off.
    Don't need to buy replacement blades every week or two.
    Convenient, as long as you have electricity.

    Not as close as a blade (despite what the ads say).
    Gotta clean the whiskers out of it.
    Use electrickery.
    The cord can pull out of the shaver and cause it to stop half way through cutting a whisker - this pulls it, and hurts.
    Some people get a rash from a shaver, but not a blade.
    Despite common belief, you can cut yourself with an electric shaver (I still haven't figured out how I do it).

    Shaves closer than an electric shaver (and the shave lasts longer because of this).
    Don't need electrickery.
    Lighter and easier to pack than a shaver.

    Shaving rash.
    Always need new blades.
    Have to get your shirt off to shave.
    Easier to cut yourself than using an electric shaver.

    I think that's all I can think of for now. I have both at my disposal, but I only use the blade for special occasions because I get shaving rash if I use a blade two days in a row, and a few days later, I get a heap of ingrowing hairs. I hope this helps.

  6. I moved to electric quite a few years back. Found it easier when travelling. I can take an electric shaver carry on luggage on a plane and I get more than half a dozen uses before its dead. I spent about $350 on mine, and its works on all power. Cutting bits need to be replaced about every 18 months.

    It shaves ok, but not close. You wont beat a razor for a close shave. IF you have sensative skin, best to avoid the phillips type and go with the braun type. Phillips gives closer shave though.

    I am super lazy these days. I only shave close when meeting with clients. The rest of the time I use the beard trimmer on my braun shaver to remove the best of it. I dont do facial hair very well, but if you do its probably the same as a couple of days of growth.
  7. being bald (from choice!) I shave a large area on a rather regular basis. I used a blade when I want it close... every time, no questions asked.

    I now use the electric between blade shaves just to stop it coming back so fast.

    If I try to use the electric to get a "good" shave, then imho it takes just as long as using the blade[1]. Like using a vacuum cleaner... back and forward over the same spot until it looks the way you want it. i.e. electric is alright if you're happy with the "trendy stubble look".

    Electric Advantages
    1. You can shave while [strike]sitting on the loo[/strike] doing other things
    2. Can't really cut yourself
    3. Typically have trimmers that are useful for "manscaping"
    4. No "prep" time (lathering etc)

    Blade Advantages
    1. Better result
    2. No electricity required
    3. Usable in the shower (I have an electric I can use underwater, and I don't rate it at all)

    Note 1: opinion on speed swayed by being able to shave a large "smooth" area with long sweeping swipes. (opposed to angular jaws and chins)
  8. lol Danny, we had the same idea.
  9. Ever considered growing a Beard?
  10. THIS!!!!

    Beards are sexy!!!

    This is from about 4 years back

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  11. I find my expensive Braun shaves just as close as a blade on my face if not closer. However it's useless on my neck. I've never used an electric that shaved my neck even remotely well.

    I can't be stuffed shaving anymore so have "designer stubble" on the face with a shaved neck. All I need to do is run the #1 hair clippers over it every 5 days or so to keep it trimmed and looking the same all the time. Still have to shave but only half as much.
  12. The reason I don't use electric is heat. In order to get a decent shave I need to go over my coarse stubble a few times, and that heats up my skin, since all electric razors I have tried warm up. Heat on skin means rash, so I don't use them.

    If you shave with a razor daily your skin becomes conditioned to it, so no rash. Oh, and you have to wash your face at least once a day. A good thing for some blokes!

    PS: Plus 10,000 on the neck hair issue.
  13. Yeah, (good) electric razors can shave 'closer' than a razor, simply because a razor blade will 'slice' everything that's level, a (good) electric can pull the hair out from 'under' the skin so therefore getting an electric razor that can do that will produce a 'closer' shave.

    Also remember with an electric, it will take 2-4 weeks of using (daily?) before the skin is conditioned for being used by an electric. It's very hard, probably impossible to swap from a razor to electric and expect the closest/best shave straight away, hence probably a few people who have tried electric think it doesn't shave as good because they have only used it for less than the time it takes for the skin to become conditioned/used to being shaved by electric.

    I had to shift to electric after using use of my right arm back in 06 since my left was no way as good as shaving my face as using my right arm with a razor. I trawled the electric razor sites for a bit and most/all conclusions from them are that electric razors can give a closer/better shave than razor due to the reasons mentioned from the razor slicing everything at 'level'.

    I personally use "shaver saver" on the heads before each shave, it's a lube in a can. I give the blades a short clean with the included brush and/or use a brush from a hair trimmer for a "firmer" brush out. I then spray the under and above/on the heads for a short second as I find the lubing on the top of the razor gives it a bit of a 'nicer' feeling/shave as it being more lubed = less grabbing/pulling.

    Some info from a web site http://www.shavercentre.com/shavingtips.html

    Electric Shaver vs. Blade Shaving

    Properly used, most electric shavers can give you a shave that is every bit as close as, if not closer than a shave obtained from a blade razor. Why is this possible? An electric shaver rolls up the skin ahead of the whisker, forcing the whisker up above what would be considered the skin line, where it is then cut off. You might think of this as shaving your whisker off below the skin line, since the whiskers are forced up before they are sheared off. Every time you shave with a manual razor you actually take off a very thin layer of skin.

    This can be a problem with people who have difficulty healing or even dangerous with people who are on blood thinning medication. This situation can be difficult with seniors who have wrinkled skin. Seniors may also have an unsteady hand making it possible to have nicks and cuts. With electric shaving, you are shaving at or below the skin line, without actually shaving the skin. When shaving with a blade there is replacement scar tissue that the body produces after every razor blade shave. You don’t produce this scar tissue with electric shaving.


    I use a Remington Titanium 360, $35 or $39 Boxing Day sales last year (like just over a month ago) as I dropped my previous shaver due to my dodgy shoulder 'loses' grip on stuff every now and then (damaged nerves ain't a great thing to have) and I just happened to have been holding my razor and it dropped onto the floor smashing the head.
  14. Great minds think alike... :D
  15. Just a thought... Why not get permanent hair removal, and never have to shave again? :cheeky:
  16. Thats crossed my mind a few times. Have to do the maths to see if a lifetime of blades is more expensive than a laser treatment.
  17. ^
    um, for a permanent solution electrolysis is the only solution. laser reduces hair growth but does not eliminate it. last time i checked, anyway.

    glad this topic came up.

    i have sensitive skin.

    i'm an electric shaver guy who uses the clippers(zero setting) that give a designer stubble look. once a wk for me as i'm too lazy. GF doesn't seem to mind the look;)

    though, cple of days ago, and on the odd occasion, i do use the razor because clean-up is easier.

    ****ing hate shaving, though!
  18. Now thats scary,
  19. I had an electric one stop working while shaving my above my lip. Of course the blades and the foils were jammed on my stubble and I had to rip the thing off my face.

    Never bothered with them again. Disposable razors are the way to go.

    I dont even care about a close shave. That stubble-less feeling only lasts <8 hours on my face anyways.
  20. Pros and cons for both. Personal call.

    Wait for one of the brands (Philips and Braun do it from time to time) to do one of those try it for 60 days money back deals and find out for your self. Keep an eye on the shaver shop for these kinds of deals.

    I've had a braun and have an arcitek (name?) at the moment, I wet shave on Monday, keep it tidy with the electric until Thursday then let my skin rest over the weekend.

    Electric shave takes a while to get used to so stick with it, and if wet shaving is giving your rashes/ingrowns your doing it wrong, seriously.