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Electric Powered bike (homemade)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mashwoo, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. http://www.locating.com.au/ebikes/

    I started riding primarily to save money and because my inner hippy said it would be better for the environment and as a result have gained great pleasure I from riding. I would love to try to produce an electric bike that was still fun. :idea:

  2. You should receive some sort of award for answering the question that no-body asked, Scott!

    Environmental concerns aside, the fundamental problem with this project is that bikes, by their very definition in this country are symbols of rebellion from basically rebellious people, who don't give, as Ford Prefect so eloquently put it "a fetid dingo's kidney" for environmental concerns, or most other concerns for that matter! They just want to ride fast and firghten the horses! In other countries, where bikes are a necessary form of transport for millions who can't afford a car, it's a different matter.
    You've done a bang-up job on the conversion, nevertheless, and I'm sure we'd love to see some comparative performance figures, and costs too. (I should add, of course, that motorbikes use a lot less carbon stuff than cars, so they are at least a little bit responsible)
  3. Just in case thier is some confusion, I am not Scott[/quote]
  4. [/QUOTE]Sorry, mate, at the bottom of the page you linked to, is a link saying "Contact Scott". My mistake!
  5. all good sorry if I was unclear.
  6. from memory hasn't yamaha or honda made an electric bike?

  7. gayyyyyyy

    Why not distill ur own ethanol. That kicks way more ass.
  8. Thats awesome. Is it brushless?
  9. Very good work. Very good. Are the running costs cheaper, in your opinion? Given the cost of electricity, replacement batteries, etc?

  10. agreed