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Electric Motorcycle Design.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 2up, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I was looking at a couple of threads regarding electric motorcyles and I was wondering why electric motorcyles have fuel tanks.
    Must be one of those questions like.. why do we call them apartments when they are all joined together?...why do men have nipples?... if we descended from chimps and apes then how come there are still chimps and apes?
    It must be one of lifes mysteries...


  2. to keep in shape of the design and probably need all the room for all the wires under the cover
  3. you pose some really deep questions.

    could be cause man is so use to the stereotypical image of a "Motorcycle" to have that tank there...maybe its coz the batteries are just so fricken huge they had to offset space for other componenty ?
  4. storage? it would feel weird having nothing under your tummy on a sportsbike
  5. may'b the 'fuel tank' position actually prevents rider's crotches from flying towards the handle bars ???....isn't that how we ride anwayyz ?..by gripping the tank with our legs ?

    wot if it wasn't there ? is that what defines a motorcycle and a scooter :-O
  6. Maybe they kept it on so it wouldn't look weird. Ha, yeah like theres any chance of that happening.
  7. So it's a fancy shmancy version of the Suzuki Across, so what?
  8. I just spoke to these guys: http://ridemission.com/blog/ - they're at the Isle of Man TTX about to go into second practice.

    I'll be chatting to them again at about 3am, and I might ask this question, but rephrase it something like 'now that bikes don't need things like fuel tanks anymore, can you see the fundamental design changing to take advantage of what electric motors can allow?'
  9. posties, brahhhhh
  10. The "tank" has been an airbox more often than a fuel tank in recent years anyway, hasn't it?
  11. the tank is there to keep your nuts warm on cold mornings like this
  12. why dont chicken breasts have nipples ... hmmmm :eek:
  13. As a designer myself if there is nothing hidden underneath it (whihc i beleive there would be) i could only say that it is there as stated above, for ergonomic reasons. The tank bulge is on pretty much every bike to date simply to keep the rider on his seat and not slipping forward.
    But i would have to say they are either trying really hard to make electric bike look conventional or relavnt to todays market (by using common design cues) or it is the only way to effectively help a rider sit in his seat without been too close to the handlebars (fixed seating position)

    btw what a sexc bike that electric one is :p