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Electric motorbike conversion

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Bluefang, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Hello, I have been a lurker on this forum for a while now and seeing as my first proper conversion of a motorcycle is almost complete I thought I might post afew details about it and ask for some feed back.

    I have built a number of electric bikes with some insane power so I recently decided to build a full motor bike, I bought a cheap duel sport Kinlon motorbike, prob not the best choice but it was a start and able to be road registered. So far it's coming together really well, the bike will have over double the power it started with having 20kw of electrical power and will weight around 100kg with the short range battery pack. It should be able to top 120km/h with a range of 30km around town with a range extender pack that adds 40kg but should increase range to 150km/h.

    The bike has the battery pack where the tank was, the motor on this build is a hub motor for a maxi scooter that is 94% efficient but it's built into a 13" scooter rim so atm the size difference front to rear looks insane at 21" to 13" . The range extender packs go where the motor was so in commuter/fun mode it's weird looking as that space is completely empty :)

    I am approaching the point of completion so I am trying to find a recommended approved engineer to sign off on it. Does anyone know a engineer around Gold Coast or even as far as Brisbane that is interested in looking at a electric motorbike?

    I forgot I don't have pics to post here so I'll put some up when I get to my main computer late tonight, bored at work :(
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  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..


  3. This is a video of the bike in action, its only running at 50% or less in the video and only rolling on the throttle :) I later pumped up the power and blew up the cheap controllers i was testing. I have some new controllers almost all setup so just doing some finishing touches. The bike in the vid has changed abit as i moved the batteries up to where the tank is and ditched all the duct tape :).
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  4. Firstly, sorry, I can't help with engineers.

    I assume you are doing this for the fun of it rather than practicalities. I have been looking at a car conversion for a number of years but have never quite had the time and money to do it. I hate to say it but it is an ugly bike you chose to modify. I assume you know there are electric models available on the market now, such as zero's.

    Good luck to you. If you do get it legal, please post and let us know.
  5. Yup, not really my smartest choice for a first bike to modify and building the bike with a small hub motor like that really really does not match the ideal sexy image of motorbikes. All good as i will probably sell this bike off at cost price and build another, but it will be the same motor stripped down and modified to put out 50kw, with standard wheels and a normal bike, like a ninja or CBR it should be much more interesting. One thing i should say is.....Electric power is so much more fun then petrol in my opinion :)

    Yeah i know about the Zeros etc and as much as they are a great bikes with some awesome electronics they are also based all on the same type of bike or can not be gotten in Australia easily. After this test run I ll be offering to convert any bike to electric but using a electric motor in the conventional place where the petrol engine was. Electric cars are insanely more difficult then bikes, i gave up on that along time ago too.
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  6. biggest problem is, you cant really go for a long ride on an electric, would be good if you had solar panels to recharge as you ride. I like how you think, wishing you luck with it.
  7. Firstly, good on you! I think EV's are very interesting & we're just beginning to realise how good they actually might be.

    The rear wheel looks funky (in a bad way) & I wouldn't be too excited about taking that on the freeway...

    But, if it's a standard spoked wheel (hard to tell form the vid) you could get the hub rebuilt with a larger rim & new spokes, 18" rim for instance. Might be costly, but if no-one makes a hub to suit...

    (Actually, looks like a cast wheel, scrap that)

    Anyway, good luck, looking forward to seeing some pics & more details.
  8. Had a few problems with work and other commitments to have not had much progress on the bike till recently so i have just been tidying it up abit and getting everything sorted for when the approved engineer i am dealing with comes back from a trip away.

    Yup i totaly agree about the rear wheel so i have actually built up a mud guard over it to try and increase its tiny size and will change the front from a 21" to a 16" to really help give the bike a better balance.

    Kinda looking a using a Aprilla RS125 or a Mito frame for the next conversion unless anyone has better ideas. Motor will be mounted in frame and normal sized wheels used front and rear
  9. Wow, I'm impressed. It's always great to build something yourself and it looks like a pretty reasonable job.

    I've been interested in electric motorcycles for a little while, though at the moment I couldn't afford to buy one new (though the price is much more reasonable than an electric car).

    Keep us updated.
  10. I don't know if you've seen the Catavolt from Newcastle in NSW. Interesting stuff. I'd like to build or buy an Electric motorcycle for commuting if it could be done for a reasonable price.
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    Last edited: Jul 13, 2013
    Well i actually just picked up the batteries for the long range pack so assuming everything works properly i ll be needing to do afew long rides to brisbane and back to test it out properly so if your interested in a month or so i might hit you up for a catch up and maybe get some feed back on the bike. Should have a range of about 150km.

    Always interested in WHY other people are interested in electric bikes. I love them for the simplicity and efficiency of them. Would love to hear what others think of electrics and what would actually make people want one.

    edit* Yep i have heard of the catavolt and the road bike built for a customer....Not a bad race bike, but its completely different to the road one he built. I wish i had money to build a race bike. Would be a awesome experiance.
  12. I'm quite surprised at how much noise it actually makes
  13. Noise? All the noise you hear in that video is the dual sport rear tire and knobbly front tires scrubbing on the ground :) That hub motor is awesomely quiet, once i have played with the next one to get 50kw out of it, it will start sounding abit like a jet but still at its loudest it would be as quiet as most bikes on idle.

    Anyone have a suggestion for a 35W HID front head light? Otherwise i ll just head to the wreckers next week to source one for a better look and much lower power draw.

    Ps I am bored at work :( Tomorrow I will try and get some pics of how the bike is looking atm
  14. I'm interested for a few reasons:

    It's modern, developing technology.

    Electric motors can be simple, quiet, efficient and reliable.

    I like to see creativity pushed in different directions (not that I don't appreciate all the fine motorcycles available already, but more variety is good).
  15. I remember being told years ago, in relation to cars, that 40% of a vehicle's noise is road noise from the tyres, and only the rest being from the engine/exhaust.

    Bluefang: for your next project you could convert a Harley D to electric, just to give a little bit back to the environment. :D
  16. NVH being what it is, chances are that figure has reversed.
  17. Here is a quick pic of the bike, its been stripped down to arrange some bits and tidy up. Where the white battery box is it will be covered in wetsuit fabric covering the white section extending all the way down to the bottom of the engine cavity where the range extender packs will go. The neoprene fabric protects everything, is waterproof and can look really nice with some tube work behind it to give it some shape :)

    Front wheel is alot smaller then it used to be, but been originally a dirtbike style its a 17mm axle so now i just have to find new bearings for the wheel that at 17 rather then 12mm to make it fit properly(guy i bought the wheel from said it was a 20mm grrr). Speedo is taken care of by the digital dash for the electronics.

    Can not find the upload button for the life of me, looked at the FAQ and wheres the little button :(
  18. The button is called 'Upload a file'.
  19. Ok, Its missing. Is there a clause on membership that you have to post in a certain forum or reach a number of posts before you are able to upload pics? I managed to delete the welcome email so maybe i missed it and it did not say anything in the FAQ. Screen shot is a great help tho, makes me think i am a little less crazy

    I managed to load some pictures to the Showcase section.
  20. Is it missing, Oh.
    About having a minimum number of posts is something I've heard, but I have not seen anything in writing.
    How about you just make multiple posts all over the place to build up your total.
    I don't know how many you need, just hit the board like a mad spammer until that button appears.