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Electric garage door

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Jay77, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Has anyone been broken in through their electric garage door?
    The police kindly woke me at 4am to tell me mine had not closed all the way, and there had been some break ins around the area via garages.
    I've heard of these 'code grabbers' but thought the new electric garage door openers couldn't be cloned. And with the door being attached to a motor, I don't see the door being able to be forced open unless the emergency release is pulled. Right?
    Any thoughts ?

  2. i was expecting a picture of a garage door, disapointed :(
    nice of the plod letting you know though- even if it was a 4.
  3. old man has a Harley as do a few other mates and most of em have had their garages fcuked with a few times over the past few years as people know they have these bikes and other goodies in their garages - yes insurance blah blah blah blah....keeping and protecting your shit is more important than being able to replace it.....be careful mate...sure use the door opener and closer but i'd still drill a d shackle or some such to the ground and padlock the bottom of the garage door to it....never trust technology over old fashioned proven security. (yes the padlock and d shackle can be beaten but it can be the difference between someone using a "code grabber" and getting your bike....or a slightly damaged door..)
  4. Almost all garage doors can be opened with a signal generator, thats why they feature a physical locking system
  5. Get jacks can be used to open up most roller doors

  6. your wish is my command.... 1 broken into garage. :snaphappy:
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  7. aint hard evidently.
  8. ha! good work pete...