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Electric drum kits?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. I've got around $300-$500 to play with. What can I get that isn't going to break by next tuesday? Am I better of looking at o/s online shops or over counter in Aus?

  2. does that kinda $$$ actually get you an electric drum kit?
    is it for an adult or child?
  3. Well to answer the OP question I would not shop Online but go direct ot the store.

    I always found when buying anything drumkit wise unless i could smash and bash it in a store i would never buy it.

    and thanks NK - i am seeing if there is enough money in the budget now hahaha
  4. Yeah I know, right? I was thinking "under $500? I could afford that..."
    But that would be silly: I play trumpet and pretend I can play guitar a bit...
  5. electric drums sound shit. IMO.
  6. +1 Jimmy, too many bands recording with V-Drums these days.. nothing beats a real kit mic'ed up. For $500 try pick up a second hand Mapex or Tama kit on ebay..
  7. Well maybe Lilley's scored himself a gig in a Duran Duran tribute band?
    Or wants a kit he can practise on without actually waking up hte entire neighbourhood?
    Personally I hope it's Duran Duran...
  8. my band was trying out drummers as our last one moved away for work and a guy turned up with an electric kit. was annoying as it just sounds too fake and lacks emotion.

    but what would i know, i play bass haha
  9. I sold my drumkit a few years ago......now this could just work !

    nothing will beat the sound of an acoustic drum

    good idea but might stuggle to get something with decent hardware.

    electronic kits are great for practicing on without having your neighbours throw bricks through your windows.

    it beats shelling out $$$ for a practice room just for a bash.
  10. Go to your local drum/music stores, and have a hit on the kits within your price range, decide what you want, then look around online etc for the cheapest price on that kit. Though, for under $500 it's not going to be the greatest of kits.

    /2c. :)

  11. we all knew you play trumpet :D
  12. I have my sons kit here and if you are not in a hurry i can get it together for you to have a look.I also have my kit but thats a shitload more money and not for sale.Dont do the electric thing i played for nearly 25 years and i dont think any of the bands i played with would even look at a electric kit
  13. New, you won't get anything above "complete novice" for under 1k. Brands like legacy dominate that market. You can get something decent enough to practice on, but you won't get excellent sounds and the quality of the hardware is somewhat suss. You also don't get stuff like rim shots, which is something to consider, and the hi-hat pedal function is either on or off.

    Spend more than that (on say a roland) and you get a pretty nice kit.

    I sold my electric kit earlier this year for a paltry $400. It was a Legacy kit i bought for $900 in 2008. It got the job done; i just wanted something to bang on that wouldn't piss off the whole suburb. I sold my acoustic kit later, but it's just not the same, like others have said. Acoustic kits have character and soul (like that thread going around atm describes) which you just don't get with an electric.

    So for your money, you're looking at a used, cheap set...
  14. maybe it will help if the OP lets is know what the kit will be used for
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    Electric drum kits sound wank but a real kit woulda take up more than half our living room and we are in an apartment block. Thanks for the searches guys, good advice on the searching mick.
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    Just for banging around on during downtime. it's actually for the lady.
  17. just some advice, lilley, if you're going to be in an apartment, don't make the same mistake i did and make sure you put down a good, thick layer of towels or rugs under the kit to muffle the thud of the kick pedal. Mind you, i doubt that your (presumably hot, because you ride a motorbike) missus will be double-kicking really hard like i used to, but it's still not worth the trauma of upsetting the neighbours. Also, the banging of the drum sticks on the pads is still fairly noisy, but probably not enough to upset your neighbours.
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    You mean a huge dynamic range and can be influenced by positioning and reflections? Yes I guess it does have character.
  19. ^^^ yeah, that :p