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Electric Dirtbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Yep first electric scooters, now there's an electric dirtbike on the market. Specifications actually seem reasonably impressive - power is only 19hp but with the bike only weighing 50-60kg that should still be enough to have fun. Range also isn't that bad, it's only around the 30km mark on the standard battery which is still probably enough for track use or messing around a paddock where you can easily just switch over to a fresh charged battery. The optional lithium battery bumps range up to 50-60km. Price is around US$5,500 which isn't that cheap - although it does have the advantage of being almost completely silent, plus no more changing oil, filters, sparkplugs etc.

  2. Dirt Bikes are all about the fun factor when riding. Doing skids, wheelies, powerslides etc. and about the sound. Either a buzzing 2-stroke and a thumping 4 stroke.

    I think an electric dirt bike would be BORING as bat shit to ride. However, it is a good and eco friendly idea.

  3. :shock: I dont think so... I havent met a biker who would think this is an advantage.... :wink:

  4. The advantage of being silent is that in many parts of the world dirtbikes are currently being banned from a lot of areas due to noise - with an electric bike you could ride all you want without attracting complaints (at least about noise). I reckon it's sorta like a mountain bike for lazy people - the absence of fuel means you could chuck it in the back of a 4wd/wagon and if you can wheelie, powerslide and skid a mountain bike I don't see why you couldn't do it on one of these. I know I'd seriously consider one over a conventional petrol dirtbike (especially if they get cheaper).
  5. lol @ mountain bike for lazy people.
  6. I would not be putting a lithium battery under my nuts.

    They did not recall all those lap-top batteries for fun :eek: